Reading the Old Testament in Antioch


In the period between the councils of Nicea and Chalcedon in the fourth and fifth centuries, the faithful in the churches of the ecclesiastical district of Antioch were the beneficiaries of the ministry of the Word from distinguished pastors.
Included in this ministry were homilies on the Old Testament by John Chrysostom and written commentaries by his mentor Diodore and his fellow student Theodore, and later by Theodoret. Though the biblical text was admittedly Jewish in origin, "the text and the meaning are ours," claimed Chrysostom; and the great bulk of extant remains reveals the pastoral priority given to this often obscure material.
Students and exegetes of the Old Testament and its individual authors and books will be introduced here to Antioch¹s distinctive approach and interpretation by commentators reading their local form of the Greek Bible.
In the course of this survey, readers will gain an insight also into Antioch¹s worldview and its approach to the person of Jesus, to soteriology, morality and spirituality.

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Biographical Note

Robert Charles Hill gained his early education and teaching qualifications in New Zealand and Australia, and his theological and biblical education in Rome (STD, LSS). After teaching at the Australian Catholic University and the University of Sydney, he is now an Honorary Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the former institution. In addition to his works on the Bible and theology, he has published English translations of all the Old Testament works of the Antioch Fathers, moving now to the Fathers of Alexandria.

Review Quotes

' Hill has provided a lucid and engaging introduction to the Old Testament commentaries […] a solid foundation on which future studies of the Antiochene tradition can build.' David G.Hunter, Iowa State University. ' This volume will help student and scholar alike to reassess the Old Testament works of a significant and distinctive group of early Christian biblical commentators who have been sometimes undervalued or, more often, misrepresented'. Pauline Allen, Australian Catholic University. ' C’est en réalité un panorama complet de l’exégèse antiochienne aux IVe et Ve siècles sur l’Ancien Testament que présente ici R. Hill […] les spécialistes à coup sûr en retireront un grand profit […] cette belle synthèse sur l’exégèse antiochienne de l’Ancien Testament est celle d’un excellent connaisseur.' Jean-Noël Guinot, Institut des Sources Chrétiennes, Lyon.


Readers of the Bible, in particular the Old Testament, who are interested in the way the Bible has been interpreted and what it has to say on dogma, morality, spirituality, Christology. Students of the early Church.

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