The Legal Practice in International Law and European Community Law

A Spanish Perspective

This work offers a Spanish perspective on contemporary practice in international law and European Community law by genuine practitioners such as registrars, judges and magistrates serving on national and international courts, as well as advocates practicing in these courts, senior international officials, government advisers and academics. In five parts this book deals with the practice in international courts; practice in international organizations; the European Community practice and; Spanish practice in matters of public and private international law. The last part contains an article on evidence in international practice and a general overview for further research. The book offers a very useful insight in matters otherwise available in Spanish, such as the applications against Spain lodged with the European Court of Human Rights, a comparison between the Spanish Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Communities, public international law before Spanish domestic courts and the Spanish practice on investment treaties.

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Carlos Jiménez Piernas is Professor of Public International Law and International Relations, University of Alcalá, Spain.
List of Contributors, Abbreviations, Introduction, Carlos Jiménez Piernas,
Part One, The Legal Practice before International Tribunals,
Chapter I: The Registrar of the International Court of Justice: Status and Functions, Philippe Couvreur,
Chapter II: Presentation from the Standpoint of Spanish Law, on the Legal Process Available to Parties in the Contentious Procedure of the International Court of Justice, Santiago Torres Bernárdez,
Chapter III: The Travails of Poor Countries in Gaining Access to the International Court of Justice, Luis Ignacio Sánchez Rodríguez and Ana Gemma López Martín,
Chapter IV: Survey of Applications against Spain Lodged with the European Court of Human Rights, Santiago Quesada Polo and Stanly Naismith,
Chapter V: International Criminal Court and International Tribunals: Substantive and Procedural Aspects, Héctor Olasolo,
Chapter VI: Introduction to Investor-State Arbitration. A Case study: Wena Hotels Limited (Wena) v. Arab Republic of Egypt, Andrés Rigo Sureda,
Part Two, The Legal Practice in International Organisations,
Chapter VII: The Work of the Legal Adviser of International Organisations, with Special Reference to the European Union, Gregorio Garzón Clariana,
Chapter VIII: The Procedures and Case-Law of the United Nations Human Rights Committee under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Alfred M. de Zayas,
Chapter IX: The UN Commission on Human Rights’ Machinery for the Protection of Human Rights, Carlos Villán Durán,
Part Three, The Legal Practice in the European Union,
Chapter X: The Procedure before the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Gil Carlos Rodríguez Iglesias and Fernando Castillo de la Torre,
Chapter XI: References for Preliminary Rulings and their Procedure before the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Alejandro del Valle Gálvez and Miguel A. Acosta Sánchez,
Chapter XII: The Court of Justice of the European Communities and the Spanish Constitutional Court -- a Comparison, Manuel Díez de Velasco Vallejo,
Chapter XIII: The Decision-Making Process in the European Union, Francisco Fonseca Morillo,
Part Four, The National Legal Practice in International Law,
Chapter XIV: Advising Governments from the Inside: the Legal Adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aurelio Pérez Giralda,
Chapter XV: International Legal Consultancy of Governments from the Outside, Antonio Remiro Brotóns,
Chapter XVI: Public International Law before Spanish Domestic Courts, José Antonio Pastor Ridruejo and Antonio Pastor Palomar,
Chapter XVII: Spanish Constitutional Court Practice on Private International Law, Julio González Campos,
Chapter XVIII: Spanish Practice on Investment Treaties, Isabel García Rodríguez,
Part Five, Some Technical Instruments for Assistance to International Lawyers,
Chapter XIX: The International Practice and the Evidence (a Brief Guide for Young Lawyers), Carlos Jiménez Piernas,
Chapter XX: Navigare Necesse Est: Internet for European and International Lawyers, Björn Arp,
Part Six, Indexes, Index of Cases, Index of Authorities, Analytical Index.
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