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The GATT is the historical origin of the World Trade Organization and to this day remains one of its core agreements. In force for over 60 years its rules have provided a framework for trade in goods which has seen such trade grow to unprecedented size. The Agreement has been referred to in roughly 200 disputes initiated under GATT 1947 and many of the currently roughly 400 WTO disputes. Its provisions have inspired similar rules in many other agreements. A thorough knowledge of the GATT is indispensable for practitioners and scholars alike.
Article-by-article this volume explains the GATT 1994, its Introductory Note and Annexes, the Understandings on Arts II:1 lit. b, XVII, XXIV and XXVIII GATT, the Understandings on Balance-of-Payments Provisions and Waivers of Obligations, the Enabling Clause and the Waiver on Preferential Tariff Treatment for Least-Developed Countries. It also covers the Agreements on Customs Valuation, Preshipment Inspection and Rules of Origin. The format allows the reader quick and easy access and reference both with respect to provisions which would otherwise require the parsing of innumerable documents and with respect to provisions hitherto neglected. Written by distinguished practitioners and scholars, the volume is an indispensable reference work for everyone working on or interested in international trade; trade practitioners, diplomats, scholars and activists alike.

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Preface to the Series; Preface to this Volume; User’s Guide; List of Contributors; Table of Abbreviations and Acronyms; General Bibliography

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
History (Jackson); Introductory Note GATT 1994 (Feichtner); Preamble GATT (Hestermeyer & Grotto); Article I GATT, Annexes A, B, C, D, E, F, G GATT, Enabling Clause, Preferential Tariff Treatment for Least-Developed Countries Waiver (Sacerdoti & Castren); Article II GATT, Understanding on the Interpretation of Article II:1(b) of the GATT 1994 (Hahn); Article III GATT (Hestermeyer); Article IV GATT (Ehring); Article V GATT (Valles) ; Article VI GATT (Adamantopoulos) ; Article VII GATT (Trujillo) ; Article VIII GATT (Hartmann) ; Article IX GATT (Ziegler & Gratton) ; Article X GATT (Bohanes & Nottage) ; Article XI GATT (Wolfrum); Article XII GATT (Horlick & Dubeck) ; Article XIII GATT (Hestermeyer & Weiss); Article XIV GATT (Mitchell & Sheargold); Article XV GATT (Mitchell & Sheargold); Article XVI GATT (Baetens & Hestermeyer); Article XVII GATT, Understanding on the Interpretation of Article XVII of the GATT 1994 (Voon); Article XVIII GATT (Jessen); Article XIX GATT (Bourgeois & Wagner); Article XX GATT [Introduction] (Wolfrum) ; Article XX GATT Chapeau (Wolfrum) ; Article XX lit. a GATT (Wenzel); Article XX lit. b GATT (Stoll & Strack); Article XX lit. c GATT (Matz-Lück); Article XX lit. d GATT (Reyes-Knoche & Arend); Article XX lit. e GATT (Wenzel); Article XX lit. f GATT (Matz-Lück); Article XX lit. g GATT (Matz-Lück & Wolfrum); Article XX lit. h GATT (Matz-Lück); Article XX lit. i GATT (Matz-Lück); Article XX lit. j GATT (Matz-Lück); Article XXI GATT (Hestermeyer); Article XXII GATT (Schorkopf ); Article XXIII GATT (Stoll); Article XXIV GATT, Understanding on the Interpretation of Article XXIV of the GATT 1994 (Tevini); Article XXV GATT (Forlati); Article XXVI GATT, Annex H GATT (vFabbricotti); Article XXVII (Fabbricotti); Article XXVIII GATT, Understanding on the Interpretation of; Article XXVIII of the GATT 1994 (Fabbricotti) ; Article XXVIII bis GATT (Fabbricotti) ; Article XXIX GATT (Footer); Article XXX GATT (Footer); Article XXXI GATT (Footer); Article XXXII GATT (Footer); Article XXXIII GATT (Footer); Article XXXIV GATT (Footer); Article XXXV GATT (Footer); Introduction to Part IV GATT (Supachai); Article XXXVI GATT (Zacharias); Article XXXVII GATT (Zacharias); Article XXXVIII GATT (Zacharias)

Understanding on the Balance-of-Payments Provisions of the GATT 1994 (Horlick & Dubeck); Understanding in Respect of Waivers of Obligations under the GATT 1994 (Feichtner)

Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of the GATT 1994 (Agreement on Customs Valuation)
GIC CVA (Liu); Article 1 CVA (Liu); Article 2 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 3 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 4 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 5 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 6 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 7 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 8 CVA (Liu); Article 9 CVA (Liu); Article 10 CVA (Liu); Article 11 CVA (Liu); Article 12 CVA (Liu); Article 13 CVA (Liu); Article 14 CVA (Liu); Article 15 CVA (Liu); Article 16 CVA (Liu); Article 17 CVA (Liu); Article 18 CVA (Liu); Article 19 CVA (Wolffgang) ; Article 20 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 21 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 22 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 23 CVA (Wolffgang); Article 24 CVA (Wolffgang); Annex I General Note CVA (Liu); Annex II CVA (Liu); Annex III CVA (Liu)

Agreement on Preshipment Inspection
Preamble PSIA (Malone); Article 1 PSIA (Malone); Article 2 PSIA (Malone); Article 3 PSIA (Malone); Article 4 PSIA (Malone); Article 5 PSIA (Malone); Article 6 PSIA (Malone); Article 7 PSIA (Malone); Article 8 PSIA (Malone); Article 9 PSIA (Malone)

Agreement on Rules of Origin
Preamble RoO (Hirsch); Article 1 RoO (Hirsch); Article 2 RoO (Hirsch); Article 3 RoO (Hirsch); Article 4 RoO (Hirsch); Article 5 RoO (Hirsch); Article 6 RoO (Hirsch); Article 7 RoO (Hirsch); Article 8 RoO (Hirsch); Article 9 RoO (Hirsch); Annex I RoO (Hirsch); Annex II RoO (Hirsch); Case Index; Index
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