WTO - Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights


With the WTO TRIPS-Agreement, intellectual property issues have become an integral part of the world trading system. The Agreement probably represents the most significant and controversial development in world trade law. The Agreement is comprehensive in scope and contains standards for protection of a number of intellectual property rights as well as rules on the enforcement of such rights. Furthermore it closely links to the well-established traditional international system of the protection of intellectual property rights - the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization and related agreements, in particular the Paris and Berne Convention and the Madrid Agreement. This commentary covers the entire TRIPS-Agreement. It adopts a comparative perspective in highlighting related and similar provisions and developments in other international and regional instruments, such as the ones mentioned above and, for instance the European Patent Convention. The volume is based on a close cooperation between the Intellectual Property Law Center of the University of Düsseldorf and the Göttingen Institute for International Law and European Law, which aims at bringing together expertise in intellectual property law and and general international law and trade law. It is designed to meet the needs both of the WTO and the intellectual property community.

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Preface to the Series; Preface to this Volume; Source Guide to IP Conventions; List of Contributors; Table of Abbreviations and Acronyms; General Bibliography

Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
Introduction I (Stoll); Introduction II (Busche); Introduction III (Kaiser); Preamble (Keßler)

Part I General Provisions and Basic Principles
Article 1 (Elfring & Arend); Article 2 (Brand); Article 3 (Elfring); Article 4 (Elfring & Arend); Article 5 (Elfring); Article 6 (Keßler); Article 7 (Keßler); Article 8 (Brand)

Part II Standards Concerning the Availability, Scope and Use of Intellectual Property Rights
Section 1: Copyright and Related Rights
Article 9.1 (Brand); Article 9.2 (Füller); Article 10 (Klopmeier & Arend); Article 11 (Klopmeier & Arend); Article 12 (Füller); Article 13 (Füller); Article 14 (Füller)
Section 2: Trademarks
Before Articles 15–21 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner); Article 15 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner); Article 16 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner); Article 17 (Peter); Article 18 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner); Article 19 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner); Article 20 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner); Article 21 (Schmidt-Pfi tzner)
Section 3: Geographical Indications
Before Articles 22–24 (Strauch & Arend); Article 22.1 (Strauch & Arend); Article 22.2 (Peter & Arend); Article 22.3–4 (Strauch & Arend); Article 23 (Strauch & Arend); Article 24 (Strauch & Arend)
Section 4: Industrial Designs
Before Article 25 (Peter);Article 25 (Peter); Article 26 (Peter)
Section 5: Patents
Article 27.1 (Neef & Reyes-Knoche); Article 27.2–3 (Reyes-Knoche); Article 28 (Reyes-Knoche); Article 29 (Reyes-Knoche); Article 30 (Reyes-Knoche); Article 31 (Eikermann); Article 31bis (Quirin); Article 32 (Gülland & Werner); Article 33 (Neef & Arend); Article 34 (Neef & Arend)
Section 6: Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits
Article 35 (Klopmeier); Article 36 (Klopmeier); Article 37 (Klopmeier); Article 38 (Klopmeier)
Section 7: Protection of Undisclosed Information
Article 39.1–2 (Peter & Michaelis); Article 39.3 (Strauch & Michaelis);
Section 8: Control of Anti-Competitive Practices in Contractual Licences
Article 40 (Brand & Lehmann)

Part III Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
Before Articles 41–61 (Vander)
Section 1: General Obligations
Article 41 (Vander)
Section 2: Civil and Administrative Procedures and Remedies
Before Articles 42–49 (Vander); Article 42 (Vander); Article 43 (Vander);
Article 44 (Vander); Article 45 (Vander); Article 46 (Vander); Article 47 (Vander); Article 48 (Vander); Article 49 (Vander)
Section 3: Provisional Measures
Article 50 (Vander)
Section 4: Special Requirements Related to Border Measures
Before Articles 51–61 (Vander); Article 51 (Vander); Article 52 (Vander); Article 53 (Vander); Article 54 (Vander); Article 55 (Vander); Article 56 (Vander); Article 57 (Vander); Article 58 (Vander); Article 59 (Vander); Article 60 (Vander)
Section 5: Criminal Procedures
Article 61 (Vander)

Part IV Acquisation and Maintenance of Intellectual Property Rights and Related Inter-Partes Procedures
Article 62 (Anzellotti)

Part V Dispute Prevention and Settlement
Article 63 (Kaiser); Article 64 (Kaiser)

Part VI Transitional Arrangements
Article 65 (Anzellotti); Article 66 (Anzellotti); Article 67 (Anzellotti)

Part VII Institutional Arrangements; Final Provisions
Article 68 (Kaiser); Article 69 (Kaiser); Article 70 (Elfring); Article 71 (Elfring); Article 72 (Elfring); Article 73 (Elfring); Appendix; Index
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