Baltic Yearbook of International Law, Volume 5 (2005)


Editor: Carin Laurin
It has become a tradition of the Baltic Yearbook of International Law to focus on a particular theme in addition to publishing articles on different topics of international law. Since the end of the Cold War and the change of the balance of power in the world, many questions surrounding the use of force in international relations have come to the forefront of the legal and political debate at national and international levels. This volume contains articles on issues related to the use of force, including the disputed notion of humanitarian intervention.
In the section on History of International Law in the Baltic States, the most notable contributors to the doctrine and/or practice of international law of Baltic origin have been identified. The International Law Materials 2004 section contains reports on the practices of all three Baltic States.
The Baltic Yearbook of International Law is an annual publication containing contributions on topical issues of international law and related fields that are relevant to Baltic affairs and beyond. The Yearbook aims to contribute to the development of thought, standard-setting and relevant practices in the world.

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Special Theme: Humanitarian Intervention and Other Use of Force?
Markus Krajewski: Preventive Use of Force and Military Actions
against Non-State Actors: Revisiting the Right of Self-defence in Insecure Times;
Vladimir A. Kartashkin: Humanitarian Intervention in the Globalizing World;
Stefan Talmon: Changing Views on the Use of Force: The German Position;
Raymond Murphy: United Nations Peacekeeping and the Use of Force − the Failure to Protect in Kosovo;
General Articles:
Andrius Smaliukas and Yvonne Goldammer: The Restrictive Theory of State Immunity in Lithuania: Reality or Illusion;
Rytis Satkauskas: Subrogation of State Responsibility? The Baltic Legations in Paris;
History of International Law in the Baltic States:
Peter Macalister-Smith: A Baltic Bio-Bibliography – International Lawyers of the Baltic Region, Past and Present;
Materials on International Law: 2004: Tanel Kerikmäe, Marianne Meiorg, Kaidi Toomus, Kari Käsper:
Mārtiņš Paparinskis: Latvia; Saulius Katuoka, Loreta Šaltinytē: Lithuania;
Gaļina Žukova, Legal Aspects of Trade in Goods between the EU and its Candidate States: the Case of Latvia ( Raimundas Moisejevas);
Tālavs Jundzis (ed.), Latvia in Europe: Visions of the Future
( Raimundas Moisejevas);
Information: Legal Journals in the Baltic States: Peep Pruks, Iuridicum Database and Upcoming Tenth Anniversary of Juridica International; Daiga Iļjanova, ‘Likums un Tiesības’ (Law and Justice);
List of Contributors;
Information for Authors.