Clavis Commentariorum of Hebrew Liturgical Poetry in Manuscript


This volume is a compendium of all known commentaries on Hebrew liturgical poetry (piyyut) preserved in manuscript form. It includes references to commentaries from many different Jewish communities, most prominent among them Ashkenaz, Tsarfat, Sepharad, Carpentras and Yemen, composed and copied in Medieval and Early Modern times. Over 18,000 individual commentaries on more than 2,000 poems are listed with primary sources and references to editions where extant. As an aid to research, it describes a vast but hitherto neglected genre of medieval Hebrew literature and maps out a whole new field of investigation into medieval Jewish textual culture. This catalogue enables users to find manuscript commentaries on most piyyutim that were included in liturgies in major Jewish communities.

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Biographical Note
Elisabeth Hollender, Dr. phil (1993) in Jewish Studies, Universität zu Köln, is Heisenberg-Fellow at the Institute for Jewish Studies at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. Her main research is into medieval Hebrew poetry and commentaries, she is also co-author of Rabbinische Auslegungen zu Ester (Brill, 2000).
Table of contents
CONTENTS Preface...ix Transcription Table...xiii Introduction…1 List of Manuscripts... 21 Clavis Commentariorum ... 49 Bibliography... 957 Index of Poets... 963 Index of Commentators... 971
All those interested in Hebrew liturgical poetry, its reception and its commentaries, as well as scholars of medieval Hebrew commentaries and Jewish liturgy.
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