Jinn Eviction as a Discourse of Power

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moroccan Magical Beliefs and Practices


This book is intended to construct a basis for the understanding of the rites and practices associated with exorcism, or jinn eviction as it is performed within the maraboutic institution called zawiya. Jinn eviction as it occurs in the maraboutic institution reproduces ideologies and social hierarchies of traditional society through the use of a variety of healing symbols and rituals. These symbols are delved into for the benefit of understanding the perennial cultural foundations of the discourse and practice of power in Morocco. The result is an ethnography of possession that has combined meticulous ethnographic field work with critical discourse analysis.
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Biographical Note

Mohammed Maarouf, Doctorat d' État / Ph.D. (2004) in Literature, is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies at Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida, Morocco. He is a researcher in anthropology. He has conducted researches on Moroccan culture, some of which were published in the form of articles and others were presented as papers in international conferences.

Review Quotes

'[T]he book is very well done and is an important addition to the fields of medical anthropology, mental health, and psychiatry. It also adds significantly to our understanding of Middle Eastern religion, culture, history, and politics.' Bill Ward in Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 24.4

Table of contents

Chapter I: Local Histories: Sharifianism and Power
A. Historical Origins, B. The Maraboutic Institution and its Means of Survival, C. The Location of the Saint, D. The Saint’s Lineage, E. The Founding Legends, F. Royal Donations (in‘am), G. Organization, H. Shrine Income
Chapter II: The Buffi Representation of the World of Jinn
A. Jinn Attributes, B. Types of Jinn, C. Self vs. Other
1. Magic (siḥr), 2. The Evil Eye (l-‘ain), 3. The Female Pursuer (tab‘a), 4. Harming Jinns unknowingly (al-aghlāṭ m‘a al-jinn)
Chapter III: Jinn Eviction and Other Rituals as Discourses of Power
A. The Ritual of Pilgrimage (zyara), B. The Ritual of Cursing, C. The Ritual of Jinn Eviction (ṣri‘), D. Formulas for Jinn Eviction, E. The Ritual of Call for Rain,
Chapter IV: The Paradigm of Authority: the Mythic Court of Jinn
A. Court Design, B. Court Institution, C. Invisible Jinn Eviction, D. The Paradigm of Servitude (khidma)


Researchers and graduate students specialized in anthroplogy, social sciences and cultural studies. All those interested in mythology, history of possession, maraboutism, discourse, ritual and power, and observed Islam.


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