European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 4 (2004/2005)


The European Yearbook of Minority Issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minority-majority relations in Europe. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management, international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in Europe.
Part I contains scholarly articles and, in 2004/5, features three special focus sections on Ombudsman Institutions, The EU and Minority Protection, and The Caucasus Region.
Part II reviews the implementation of minority legislation and international standards at the universal and regional levels as well as new developments in relation to them and contains a list of international norms.
Apart from providing a unique annual overview of minority issues for both scholars and practitioners in this field, the Yearbook is an indispensable reference tool for libraries, research institutes as well as governments and international organisations.
GENERAL EDITORS: Arie Bloed;Rainier Hofmann;Joseph Marko;James Mayall;John Packer;Marc Weller. MANAGING EDITORS: Emma Lantschner; Tove H. Malloy. ASSISTANT EDITORS: Marnie Lloydd; Gabriel N. Toggenburg; Leonhard Voltmer; Matthew Ward.
Foreword; PART I: ARTICLES A. General Articles Section: Towards a New Paradigm of Minority Law-Making: A Rejoinder to Palermo and Woelk’s Law of Diversity Tove H. Malloy; Minorities and Religions in Europe. Case Study: The Assyro-Chaldeans of Turkey Joseph Yacoub; Minority Rights in China: A Legal Overview Joshua Castellino and Elvira Domínguez Redondo; Situating Federalism, Minorities and Communalism in the Indian Polity
Arshi Khan; Minority Representation within the Spanish Electoral System Eduardo J. Ruiz Vieytez ; Still No Place to Go: Nomadic Peoples’ Territorial Rights in Europe Jérémie Gilbert; B. Special Focus: Ombudsman Institutions: Ombudsmen and Similar Institutions for Protection against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination Andrea Krizsán; Building up a Specialized Body Mikko Puumalainen; The Ombudsman as Advocate Philip Giddings ; Removing Barriers – The Accessibility of an Ombudsman or National Human Rights Institution to Vulnerable Communities Marnie Lloydd ; Towards Increased Cooperation between National Ombudsman Institutions and International Minority Rights Mechanisms Rianne Letschert ; Ombudsman Institutions and Ethnic Conflict in Russia and Ukraine: A Failure of Local Institution-building? Bill Bowring ; C. Special Focus: the EU and Minority Protection: Minority Protection and Anti-discrimination Policies: Synergies and Challenges at the EU Level Birgit Weyss and Alexander Lubich ; Looking Back at Ten Years of EU Minority Conditionality vis-à-vis Central and Eastern European Candidate States Guido Schwellnus ; Unravelling a Trade-Off: Reconciling Minority Rights and Full Citizenship in Turkey Dilek Kurban; Recent Developments on the Status of (Minority) Languages within the EU Framework
Niamh Nic Shuibhne; The Long-Term Residents Directive John Handoll; Integrating the Roma into European Society: Time for a New Initiative Olivier De Schutter and Annelies Verstichel; D. Special Focus: The Caucasus Region: Integrating Minorities in Weak States: The Case of Georgia Jonathan Wheatley; Building a New Regime of Interethnic Cooperation in Armenia? Shavarsh Khachatryan; Ethnic Profile of Post-Soviet Azerbaijan Arif Yunusov; Durable Solutions for Meskhetian Turks: The Issue Revisited
Andrei Khanzhin; PART II: REPORTS A. International Developments; Review of the Monitoring Process of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Alain Chablais; The Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: June 2004 – June 2005 Vesna Crnić-Grotić; The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights Roberta Medda-Windischer; The Activities of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities: July 2004 – June 2005
Krzysztof Drzewicki and Vincent de Graaf; Minorities at the United Nations: The UN Working Group on Minorities in Context Asbjørn Eide; Minorities and Indigenous Peoples’ Protection: The Practice of UN Treaty Bodies in 2004 Nathalie Prouvez; B. National Developments: Recent Developments in Romania on the Draft Law on the Status of National Minorities: Déjà Vu All Over Again? D. Christopher Decker; The Referendum on Decentralization in Macedonia in 2004: A Litmus
Test for Macedonia’s Interethnic Relations
Joseph Marko; Democratization as a Means of Conflict Resolution in Moldova
Oleh Protsyk.
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