Democracy X

Marking the Present, Re-presenting the Past


This book is a catalogue and a reader. It is the companion to the exhibition "Democracy X' held in Cape Town 2004. It also explores a range of historical, cultural and political matters around the 10th anniversary of the new democratic South-Africa.
Richly illustrated, this book includes essays of eminent writers about topics such as the Boer War, the Iron Age, ethnic politics, nationalism, film and popular media.

Biographical Note

Andries Oliphant is a writer, literary scholar and cultural policy planner. He is a recipient of the Book Journalist of the Year Award. Peter Delius (Ph.D. London) is a Professor of History at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. He has published widely on the modern history of South Africa. Lalou Meltzer is Head of the Interpretation Department of Social History at Iziko Museums, Cape Town. Her portfolio is colonialism and resistance. She has been a curator at the former South African Cultural History Museum.