Art and Archaeology of Afghanistan

Its Fall and Survival. A Multi-disciplinary Approach


During the last couple of decades Afghanistan’s cultural heritage has faced exceptional challenges. Looting of the National Museum, ‘Kabul Museum’, the neglect of monuments and extensive illegal excavations have taken place. However, what really shook the world was the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in March 2001.
This volume focuses on Afghanistan’s cultural heritage protection. Its purpose is threefold. To provide an overview of the diversity of activities undertaken in the cultural heritage field. To change public opinion into a more positive one. And to serve as an example for future generations.
This multidisciplinary book (including contributions from archaeologists, linguists, and lawyers) will interest both scholars in the cultural, legal and humanistic field as well as the public at large. Many exceptional photographs are included.

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Juliette Van Krieken-Pieters, LL.M, M.A., lectures at Webster University (the Netherlands, U.S.A. and Thailand). She was the first Secretary of the Society for the Preservation of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage. Her publications have focused on Afghanistan, Buddhism as well as law and cultural heritage protection.
Those interested in Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s history, cultural heritage protection, archaeology, prehistory, Buddhist art and architecture, Islamic art and architecture, humanistic studies, illicit trade in art, illegal excavations, cultural property law.
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