Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion

A Critique of Rational Choice


The Sociology of Religion has had several frameworks guiding its analysis including functionalism, interpretive sociology, phenomenology, symbolic interactionism and now rational choice theory. Marxism has tended to ignore religion assuming it is something that would eventually disappear even though it retained theological elements. This collection of essays brings together a group of scholars who use frameworks provided by Marx and Critical Theory in analyzing religion. It's goal is to establish a critical theory of religion within the sociology of religion as an alternative to rational choice. In doing so, it engages in a critique of the positivism, uncritical praise of the market (neoconservativism) and one dimensional conception of rationality of the rational choice theory of religion.

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Warren S. Goldstein, Ph.D. (1998) in Sociology, New School for Social Research, is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Central Florida. He has published several articles which come out of his doctoral dissertation entitled Messianism and Marxism: Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch's Dialectical Theories of Secularization.
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Academics, students and educated laymen who are intersted in sociological theory and religion, particularly those specializing in Marxism, critical theory and sociology of religion.