Manichaeism and Its Legacy


This volume reproduces nineteen chapters and articles published between 1991 through 2008, on Manichaeism, and its contacts with Augustine of Hippo, its most famous convert and also best-known adversary. The contents are divided into four parts: perceptions of Mani within the Roman Empire, select aspects of Manichaean thought, women in Manichaeism, and Manichaeism and Augustine. Though these chapters and articles reproduce their originals, adjustments have been made to include cross-referencing, newer editions, and the like, all with the aim of rendering them more accessible to a new readership among those who follow the fortunes of Mani’s religion in the Roman Empire and/or the “Manichaean” aspects of Augustine of Hippo.

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J. Kevin Coyle, D.Th (1978) in Patristics, University of Fribourg (Switzerland), is a professor of patristics and early Christianity at Saint Paul University (Ottawa). Besides the interests represented in this volume, he has published extensively on aspects of early Christian thought and practices.

1. Foreign and Insane: Labelling Manichaeism in the Roman Empire
2. Hesitant and Ignorant: The Portrayal of Mani in the Acts of Archelaus
3. A Clash of Portraits: Contrasts between Archelaus and Mani in the Acta Archelai


4. The Idea of the ‘Good’ in Manichaeism
5. Good Tree, Bad Tree: The Matthean/Lukan Paradigm in Manichaeism and Its Opponents
6. Hands and Imposition of Hands in Manichaeism
7. Healing and the ‘Physician’ in Manichaeism
8. The Gospel of Thomas in Manichaeism?


9. Prolegomena to a Study of Women in Manichaeism
10. Mary Magdalene in Manichaeism? ”
11. Rethinking the ‘Marys’ of Manichaeism
12. Women and Manichaeism’s Mission to the Roman Empire


13. Augustin et le manichéisme
14. De moribus ecclesiae catholicae: Augustin chrétien à Rome
15. What Did Augustine Know about Manichaeism When He Wrote His Two Treatises De moribus?
16. God’s Place in Augustine’s Anti-Manichaean Polemic
17. Augustine and Manichaeism on Contraception
18. Revisiting the Adversary in Augustine’s Contra aduersarium legis et prophetarum
19. Saint Augustine’s Manichaean Legacy
Students of Augustine of Hippo, Manichaeism, religious movements in the Roman Empire and elsewhere in late antiquity.
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