A History of Prayer

The First to the Fifteenth Century


“Prayer is real religion,” said Auguste Sabatier. If so, the academic study of prayer allows scholars to examine the very heart of religious practices, beliefs, and convictions. Since prayers exist in a wide variety of content, contexts, forms, and practices, a comprehensive approach to the study of prayer is required. Therefore, this volume includes scholars from a wide range of disciplines, in order to discover the breadth of “real religion” from the first to the fifteenth centuries. This volume especially focuses upon the history of Christianity and monasticism, where prayer was the school of hope, faith, and critical thought, awakening the faithful to every aspect of religious and daily life.

Contributors are L. Edward Phillips, Karlfried Froehlich, Michael Joseph Brown, David W. Fagerberg, Columba Stewart, Benedicta Ward, Susan Boynton, Corey Barnes, Johannes Heil, Rik Van Nieuwenhove, Roger S. Wieck, Paul W. Robinson and Roy Hammerling.

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Pages: 439–446
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Roy Hammerling, Ph.D. (1997) in History, University of Notre Dame, is an Associate Professor of Religion at Concordia College. His scholarly work has involved the history of Christian spirituality and prayer.
"an important contribution" "[...] historical and theological research libraries will want to obtain it".
Gary Neal Hansen, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. In: Church History, Vol. 79, No. 1 (March 2010)
Introduction: Prayer: A Simply Complicated Scholarly Problem

Section 1: Prayer during the First to the Fourth Century

1. Prayer in the First Four Centuries AD, L. Edward Phillips
2. The Lord’s Prayer in Patristic Literature, Karlfried Froehlich
3. Piety and Proclamation: Gregory of Nyssa’s Sermon on the Lord’s Prayer, Michael Joseph Brown
4. Prayer as Theology, David Fagerberg
5. Imageless Prayer and the Theological Vision of Evagrius Ponticus, Columba Stewart, OSB
6. The Lord’s Prayer: A Cornerstone of Early Baptismal Education, Roy Hammerling

Section 2: Prayer during the Fifth to Eighth Centuries

7. St. Augustine of Hippo: Prayer as Sacrament, Roy Hammerling
8. Prayer among the Benedictine, Columba Stewart, OSB
9. The Lord’s Prayer in Early Christian Polemics to the Eighth Century, Roy Hammerling

Section 3: Prayer during the Ninth to Thirteenth Centuries

10. The Prayers and Mediations of St. Anselm of Canterbury, Benedicta Ward, SLG
11. The Libelli Precum in the Central Middle Ages, Susan Boynton
12. Thomas Aquinas on Christ’s Prayer, Corey Barnes
13. Ashkenazic Piyyut: Hebrew Poetic Prayer in a Latin Environment, Johannes Heil

Section 4: Prayer during the Fourteenth to Fifteenth Centuries

14. Jan van Ruusbroec on the Trinity, Prayer, and the Nature of Contemplation, Rik Van Nieuwenhove
15. The Book of Hours, Roger S. Wieck
16. The Lord’s Prayer in Late Medieval Rogation Sermons, Paul Robinson

All those interested in the history of prayer, Christian spirituality, the history of the Church, monasticism, the history of worship, as well as medieval manuscripts, mysticism, and patristics.
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