Baltic Yearbook of International Law, Volume 6 (2006)


On 13–15 May 2004 the Inaugural Conference of the European Society of International Law took place in Florence, Italy. It brought together international lawyers from various parts of Europe and the world with an aim to discuss “International Law in Europe: Between Tradition and Renewal”. Volume 6 of the Baltic Yearbook publishes keynote speeches and selected papers of the historical proceedings leading to the foundation of the European Society of International Law. As the presentations and discussions showed in Florence, the question of the role that Europe and European international lawyers have played in the development of the discipline is complicated. This volume captures some of the complexity and demonstrates the wealth of the issues on the agenda of an international lawyer in Europe.

As noted by Bruno Simma, the first President of the Society, the European Society of International Law was born in view of “the desirability of creating a forum designed to foster greater interaction among European international lawyers. Current developments in a wide range of areas served to highlight the need for more concerted attention to the development of shared positions within Europe.”

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Editorial Note; Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference of the European Society of International Law, Florence, 14-15 May 2004, Bruno Simma: Introduction: International Law in the Shadow of Empire; W. Michael Reisman: The Shadows Looming over International Law; Allan Pellet: Le droit international dans l’ombre de l’empire; International Law in Europe: Between Traditional and Renewal; Monique Chemillier-Gendreau: La tradition européenne du droit international; Europe’s Past and International Law; Emmanuel Jouannet: Colonialisme européen et néo-colonialisme contemporain (Notes de lecture des manuels européens du droit des gens entre 1850 et 1914); Antony Anghie: Europe and International Law’s Colonial Present; Iulia Voina-Motoc: European Tradition and European Society of International Law: some remarks about the totalitarian legacy; Lauri Mälksoo: The Definition of Genocide and the Role of Soviet International Lawyers: Reflections on Socialist Legacy in International Law; Customary Law: Are Rumours of Its Death Exaggerated?; Lauri Hannikainen: The Collective Factor as a Promoter of Customary International Law; Use of Force; Oriol Casanovas: Nouvelles Questions Sur Le Principe De L’interdiction Du Recours A La Force; Barbara Delcourt: The Normative Underpinnings of the Use of Force. Doctrinal Foundations and ambiguities in the CFSP/CESDP discourse; Human Rights; Olivier De Schutter: Globalization and Jurisdiction: Lessons from the European Convention on Human Rights; August Reinisch: Terrorism and Human Rights: EU Anti-terrorism Measures from an ECHR Perspective; Gaetano Pentassuglia: Inside and Outside the European Convention: The Case of Minorities Compared; History of International Law in the Baltic States; Dainius Žalimas: The Soviet Aggression against Lithuania in January 1991: International Legal Aspects; Materials on International Law: 2005; Leena-Maarja Kalda, Tanel Kerikmäe and Kari Käsper: Estonia; Mārtiņš Paparinskis: Latvia; Saulius Katuoka in cooperation with Loreta Šaltinytė: Lithuania; Book Reviews: S. Chesterman, Just War or Just Peace? Humanitarian Intervention and International Law (Loreta Šaltinytė); N. J. Wheeler, Saving Strangers. Humanitarian Intervention in
International Society (Loreta Šaltinytė); Information: Legal Journals in the Baltic States
Jevgenij Machovenko, Legal Scientific Journal TEISE; List of Contributors; Information for Authors.
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