A Historical-Etymological Dictionary of Pre-Russian Habitation Names of the Crimea


This dictionary, the first of its kind in Turkological studies, will prove to be an invaluable research tool for those studying the Crimea, Ukraine, as well as Eurasian Nomadism. It is the result of year-long painstaking research into the etymology of Crimean pre-Russian habitation names, providing insight into the Turkic, Greek, Caucasian place-names in a comparative context, as well as the histories of these cities, towns and villages themselves.
The dictionary contains approximately 1,500 entries, preceded by an introduction with notes on the history of the Crimea and the structure of habitation names. For the reader’s convenience, many entries are classified in indices which follow the main part of the book. Additionally, three detailed primary source maps, separately indexed, are appended to the dictionary, as well as a map showing the administration network of the Crimea at the end of the Crimean Tatar Khanate.

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Henryk Jankowski, Ph.D. (1987) in General and Ural-Altaic Linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, is Professor of Oriental Languages at the same university. He specializes in Turkic languages, with his main interests being Crimean Tatar and Karaim.
"The dictionary under review, the first of its kind in Turkic onomatological studies, will prove to be an invaluable research tool for those studying the Crimea, the Crimean Turkish and Tatar place names." Imre Baski, Acta Orient. Hung. 61, 2008 „Es ist keine Übertreibung, dieses Werk ein ‚invaluable research tool‘ zu nennen, wobei es nicht nur für Etymologen interessant ist,sondern generell allen gut dienen wird, die an der Geschichte der Krim arbeiten (…)“. Marek Stachowski, Studia Etymologica Cracoviensia, vol. 13 (2008)
All those interested in Turkic studies with the focus on the Crimea and its historical contacts with Central Asia and Turkey, as well as the history of the Crimea and the etymology of Crimean habitation names.