Multiculturalism and International Law

Essays in Honour of Edward McWhinney

This volume examines the role and influence of multiculturalism in general theories of international law; in the composition and functioning of international organizations such as the ICJ, the ILC, the UN, and the ICC; and in the progressive development of substantive international law regarding issues such as anti-terrorism, cultural identity, the Danish cartoons controversy, indigenous peoples, and cultural exemptions at the WTO.
With Forewords from Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Shigeru Oda, this authoritative volume contains contributions from 36 distinguished scholars from every continent of the world tackling multiculturalism and international law—an ever more topical issue—in honour of, appropriately, Edward McWhinney, an eminent scholar who has spent a substantial part of his life promoting multiculturalism.

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Sienho Yee, University Professor and Chair of the Academic Committee, National Key Research Center, Wuhan University Institute of International Law, China; Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of International Law (Oxford; SSCI).
Jacques-Yvan Morin is Professeur émérite de l'Université de Montréal, member of l’Institut de Droit International, and former Associate Editor of the Canadian Yearbook of International Law, and founding editor of the Revue québécoise de droit international.
"The Subject of multiculturalism is here to stay and any further research on this issue will find an enormous wealth of onformation and thought in this book." - Peter Hilpold, Innsbruck, in: ZaöRV 70, Vol.1 (2010)
PREFACE by the Editors
AVANT-PROPOS par Boutros Boutros-Ghali
FOREWORD by Shigeru Oda
E. McWhinney: Biography; Bibliography
Multiculturalism and General Theories of International Law
J.-Y. Morin : L’ordre juridique international et l’éthique du bien commun dans l’ère de la mondialisation
R. Müllerson: From E Unum Pluribus to E Pluribus Unum in the Journey from an African Village to a Global Village?
Duan Jielong: The Concept of the “Harmonious World”: An Important Contribution to International Relations
H. Köchler: Civilization and World Order: The Relevance of the Civilizational Paradigm in Contemporary International Law
A. G. Koroma: International Law and Multiculturalism
H. Thirlway: Reflections on Multiculturalism and International Law
V.S. Vereshchetin: Cultural and Ideological Pluralism and International Law: Revisited 20 Years on
M. Rama-Montaldo: Universalism and Particularisms in the Creation Process of International Law
J. van Aggelen: The Shift in the Perception of Multiculturalism at the United Nations since 1945
K. Doehring: Democracy and International Law
S. Yee: The Intrinsic and Instrumental Values of Diversity: Some Philosophical and Legal Considerations
Multiculturalism and International Organizations and Courts
C. Dominicé: Fédéralisme et mise en oeuvre du droit international
S. Talmon: Participation of UN Member States in the Work of the Organization: A Multicultural Alternative to Present-Day Regionalism?
B. Vukas: Some Provisions of the Statute of the International Court of Justice which Deserve Amendments
M. Kawano: The Administration of Justice by the International Court of Justice and the Parties
S. Sucharitkul: Legal Multiculturalism and the International Law Commission
P. Kirsch: The International Criminal Court: Building on the Principal Legal Systems of the World
N. Ando: Multiculturalism and the Human Rights Committee
B. S. Brown: Multiculturalism and the Bretton Woods Institutions
W. E. Holder: International Organizations and Governance of the International Monetary Fund
D. Vignes: L’Union européenne, acteur civil et militaire dans la gestion des crises internationales: la PESD, politique européenne de sécurité et de défense
L. Galenskaya: The International Institutional System and International Non-Governmental Organizations
Multiculturalism and the Progressive Development in Substantive International Law
S. Murase: Unilateral Responses to International Terrorism: Self-defense or Law Enforcement?
P. H. Kooijmans: The Legality of the Use of Force in the Recent Case Law of the International Court of Justice
R. Bernhardt: International Protection of Human Rights: Universalism and Regionalism
A. A. Cançado Trindade: The Right to Cultural Identity in the Evolving Jurisprudential Construction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
C. F.J. Doebbler: Danish Cartoons: Freedom of Speech versus Freedom of Religion?
V.-D. Degan: Two Faces of Multiculturalism in Present International Law
R. Wolfrum: Kosovo: Some Thoughts on its Future Status
B. Aurescu: Minorities in Europe: Recent Trends
M. Clech Lâm: We the [Indigenous] Peoples of the United Nations
M. Bothe: Multiculturalism and the Development of International Humanitarian Law
Bing Bing Jia: Multiculturalism and the Development of the System of International Criminal Law
C. Osborn Wright: Toward a New Cultural Exemption in the WTO
M. Ragazzi: Multiculturalism and Church-State Concordats
D. Turp: Le consentement de l’État du Québec aux engagements internationaux et sa participation aux forums internationaux

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