Investor Protection in the CIS

Legal Reform and Voluntary Harmonization


Editor: Rilka Dragneva
Building on the extensive interest in company law and corporate governance development in post-communist transformation, this book examines the legal regime for protection of company investors in the CIS. The different contributions focus on issues such as basic shareholder rights, shareholder rights in special circumstances, cumulative voting, and protection through securities markets regulation. The discussion centers on the problems of domestic legal reform and the extent to which international legal standards and best practice are reflected in the process. In doing so, it offers a thorough comparative law analysis covering all twelve CIS countries. Importantly, the book accords a special place to the contribution that the model legislation adopted within the CIS framework makes to the process of legal reform and voluntary legal harmonization.


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Biographical Note

Rilka Dragneva, Ph.D. (1999) in Law, University of Sussex, UK, is a lecturer at the University of Leiden, Netherlands and the University of Manchester, UK. She lectures and publishes on issues of international and comparative company and commercial law, with a special reference to Eastern Europe.


Academics, legal practitioners, and rule-of-law experts interested in legal reform in the Commonwealth of Independent States, particularly in the areas of company law and investor protection, as well as in legal harmonization in the region.


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