New Light on Manichaeism

Papers from the Sixth International Congress on Manichaeism


New Light on Manichaeism provides the latest discoveries and insights into the Manichaean religion throughout its more than one thousand year history, ranging from glimpses into the life and thought of Mani himself, to developments in doctrine and practice in the religion's North African, Iranian, Central Asian, and Chinese settings. The volume includes contributions from the leading scholars in the field, offering new reconstructions of Manichaean literary and artistic productions, and innovative analyses of the religious, social, and political dynamics that shaped the rise and fall of this world religion.

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Jason David BeDuhn, Ph.D. (1995) in Comparative Study of Religion, Indiana University, is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University, author of The Manichaean Body (Johns Hopkins 2000), and co-editor of three previous volumes in the NHMS series on the subject of Manichaeism.

A Religion of Deeds: Scepticism in the Doctrinally Liberal Manichaeism of Faustus and Augustine
Jason David BeDuhn

The Conversation of John the Orthodox with a Manichaean: An Analysis of Its Sources and Its Significance for Manichaean Studies
Byard Bennett

The Mani Logion: ‘The purification that was spoken about is that which comes through gnosis’ (CMC 84, 9-12)
Luigi Cirillo

Manichaeism Among the Uygurs: The Uygur Khan of the Bokug Clan
Larry Clark

Manichaean Time-Management: Laymen between Religious and Secular Duties
Iris Colditz

Characteristics of Manichaeism in Roman Africa
J. Kevin Coyle

Mani’s Account of Other Religions According to the Coptic Synaxeis Codex
Wolf-Peter Funk

How We Know the Exact Year the Archegos Left Baghdad
Cyril Glassé

An Experiment with Digital Reconstruction with a Manichaean Book Painting: The Work of the Religion Scene (MIK III 4974 recto)
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi

The Manichaean Church between Earth and Paradise
Claudia Leurini

Medieval Manichaean and Nestorian Remains in the Zayton (Quanzhou) of Marco Polo
Samuel N. C. Lieu

Sukhāvatī and the Light-world: Pure Land Elements in the Chinese Manichaean Eulogy of the Light-world
Gunner Mikkelsen

The Beginning of Mani’s Psalm Wuzurgān Āfrīwan in Parthian and Middle Persian
Enrico Morano

The Sogdian Version of Mani’s Letter of the Seal
Christiane Reck

Snatches of the Middle Iranian “Tale of the Five Brothers”
Christiane Reck

A Manichaean Collection of Letters and a List of Mani’s Letters in Middle Persian
Werner Sundermann

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