Legal Aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Annan Plan and EU Accession


The five versions of the comprehensive settlement plan for Cyprus, which UN Secretary-General Annan tabled between 2002 and 2004, raised a variety of international law and European law questions. This book contains the first systematic analysis of the Annan plan, thereby providing an overview of the legal aspects of the Cyprus problem. It also discusses how the plan was intended to be accommodated in the European legal order. Did it comply with the fundamental principle of democracy, rule of law and human rights? Would a united Cyprus have been able to speak with one voice and to implement EU law properly?
The Author, who has worked both for the European Commission and for the UN Special Advisor on Cyprus, presents a precise account of facts and thorough legal assessments. He also tackles current legal problems arising out of Cyprus’ membership in the EU and the suspension of the acquis communautaire in the northern part of Cyprus. He finally analyses how the question of recognition affects the relations between Cyprus and Turkey.

The book is an ideal choice for practitioners and researchers because it combines first hand information on the most recent developments on Cyprus with legal evaluations from an international official trained in international and European law.

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Frank Hoffmeister is a Member of the European Commission Legal Service.
Chapter I – The Independence of Cyprus,
Chapter II – The Breakdown of the Bi-communal Republic,
Chapter III – The Turkish Intervention and Turkey’s Continued, Presence in the Northern Part of Cyprus,
Chapter IV – UN Efforts to Foster a Political Settlement 1975–1995,
Chapter V – Cyprus as Candidate for EU Membership, Part VI – EU Accession Negotiations and Annan Plan I–III,
Chapter VII – EU Accession and Annan Plan IV–V,
Chapter VIII – Cyprus as EU Member State,
Chapter IX – Relations between Cyprus and Turkey,
Chapter X – Conclusion,
Appendices, Bibliography,
Table of Abbreviations,
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