Temps et aspect en égyptien

Une approche sémantique


This volume deals with the complex question of time and aspect in ancient Egyptian. The first part presents an original theoretical model which challenges some well-established facts in general linguistics. The functioning of aspect is explained as a dialectic process between the grammatical tenses, the actionality of events, the semantic roles of the participants, and diverse lexical means. The second part examines the expression of aspect in ancient Egyptian, with a diachronic presentation from the beginning down to Late Egyptian. The third and last part is devoted to the study of the temporal relation. The argumentation is illustrated by more than 800 examples and numerous figures.

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Jean Winand, Ph.D. (1989), Agrégé de l'enseignement supérieur (2003), honorary Senior Research Fellow of the FNRS, is now Professor of Egyptology at the University of Liège. He has extensively published on Egyptian linguistics and philology; Etudes de néo-égyptien (1992) and Grammaire raisonnée de l'égyptien classique (1999).
All those interested in problems related to the expression of time and aspect in Egyptian and in general linguistics.
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