Byzantium in the Time of Troubles

The Continuation of the Chronicle of John Skylitzes (1057-1079)


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The years before and after the battle of Mantzikert (1071) mark a turning point in the history of the Byzantine Empire. The invasions of the Seljuk Turks in the east and the encroachment of the Normans from the west altered the balance of power in the eastern Mediterranean and forced the Byzantines to confront new threats to their survival. These threats came at a time when internal rivalries made an effective military response all but impossible and led to a significant transformation of the Byzantine polity under the Komnenoi.
The Continuation of the Chronicle of John Skylitzes, now translated for the first time, provides a contemporary view of these troubled times. An extension of the principal source for the middle Byzantine period, and a subtle reworking of the History of Michael Attaleiates, the Continuation offers a high court official’s narrative of the events and personages that shaped the course of Byzantine history on the eve of the Crusades.

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Eric McGeer, Ph.D. (1990), Université de Montréal, teaches in Toronto and serves as advisor in Byzantine Sigillography at Dumbarton Oaks. He has published two books and several articles on Byzantine history.
John W. Nesbitt, Ph.D. (1972) in Byzantine History, has retired as Research Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks. In addition to six volumes of seals catalogues which he co-edited with Nicolas Oikonomides, he is the co-author of The Miracles of St. Artemios (Brill, 1997) and editor of Byzantine Authors: Literary Activities and Preoccupations (Brill, 2003).
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The Continuation of the Chronicle of John Skylitzes
IThe Reign of Isaac Komnenos
IIThe Reign of Constantine X Doukas
IIIThe Regency of the Empress Eudokia
IVThe Reign of Romanos IV Diogenes
VThe Mantzikert Campaign and Its Aftermath
VIThe Reign of Michael VII Doukas
VIIThe Accession of Nikephoros III Botaneiates

Concordance between Skylitzes Continuatus, Attaleiates, and John Zonaras
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Students and specialists interested in the political and military history of the Byzantine Empire in the years before the First Crusade.
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