International Publishing in The Netherlands, 1933-1945

German Exile, Scholarly Expansion, War-Time Clandestinity


International publishing in the Netherlands had a glorious tradition in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A remarkable revival took place after 1933, when several Dutch publishers began to issue books written by exiles of the Nazi regime in the German language. The decline of German scholarly and scientific publishing during the same time inspired a number of other Dutch publishers to expand their programs or start new ones. As the English language became more prominent internationally, enterprising Dutch publishers began to explore these markets as well. After the Germans invaded the Netherlands, a number of printers began to produce finely printed books and pamphlets in many languages clandestinely, as an act of defiance or to raise money for underground causes. This book documents these trends and events in the form of a series of bio-bibliographical portraits of the major participating publishers.
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Biographical Note

Hendrik Edelman, Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, has had a distinguished career in the Dutch international book trade and American academic librarianship. He has published widely, most recently on the history of books.

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International Publishing in the Netherlands
The Nautical Trade
The Religious Trade
The Latin Trade
The French Trade
International Publishing in Germany
German Publishers in Exile

International Publishing in the Netherlands
Exile Publishing in the Netherlands
Querido Verlag
Allert de Lange
A.W. Sijthoff
Other Dutch Publishers Active in the German Exile Market
Scholarly and Scientific Publishing
Martinus Nijhoff
E.J. Brill
Chronica Botanica
Wilhelm Junk
Noord-Hollandsche Uitgevers Maatschappij
Van Stockum
Book Arts Printing and Publishing
A.A.M. Stols
Tiefland and Pantheon
Other Book Arts Printers and Publishers

Catalog of German, English, French Books and Periodicals Published in the Netherlands between 1933 and 1945

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All those interested in the history of books, scholarly and scientific publishing, German exile, bibliography, and bibliophile editions.


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