Muqarnas, Volume 11


Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World is sponsored by The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In Muqarnas articles are published on all aspects of Islamic visual culture, historical and contemporary, as well as articles dealing with unpublished textual primary sources.

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AVINOAM SHALEM, Fountains of Light: The Meaning of Medieval Islamic Rock Crystal Lamps
CHARLES E. NICKLIES, The Church of the Cuba near Castiglione di Sicilia and Its Cultural Context
M. JAMES BLACKMAN and SCOTT REDFORD, Glazed Calcareous Clay Ceramics from Gritille, Turkey
R. STEPHEN HUMPHREYS, Women as Patrons of Religious Architecture in Ayyubid Damascus
CAROLINE WILLIAMS, The Mosque of Sitt Hadaq
MEHRDAD SHOKOOHY, Sasanian Royal Emblems and Their Reemergence in the Fourteenth-Century Deccan
CAMMY BROTHERS, The Renaissance Reception of the Alhambra: The Letters of Andrea Navagero and the Palace of Charles V.
BARBARA BREND, A Sixteenth-Century Manuscript from Transoxiana: Evidence for a Continuing Tradition in Illustration
HAFEZ CHEHAB, Reconstructing the Medici Portrait of Amir Fakhr al-Din al-Maʿani
SUSSAN BABAIE, Shah ʿAbbas II, the Conquest of Qandahar, the Chihil Sutun, and Its Wall Paintings
EBBA KOCH, Diwan-i ʿAmm and Chihil Sutun: The Audience Halls of Shah Jahan
DWIGHT F. REYNOLDS, Feathered Brides and Bridled Fertility: Architecture, Ritual, and Change in a Northern Egyptian Village