The Sojourner Community

Japanese migration and residency in Australia


The important theoretical dimension of this book is the refinement of the concept of the sojourner to take into account the migrants’ settlement phases. Although the sociological meaning of the sojourner vis-à-vis settler has not been sufficiently discussed in the social scientific area, the growing significance of sojourning foreigners should not be ignored. Part of the book illustates the characteristic patterns of population movements from Japan to Australia by analysing statistical data. The outcome from the extensive research, including intensive fieldwork conducted in Melbourne, portrays the distinctiveness of the Japanese community living there. This work will contribute to sociology of migration and cultural exchange programme and multi-national firm that seeks to better understand the unavoidable transformation relating to various patterns of international migration and the emergence of new types of urban ethnicity.

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Tetsuo Mizukami, Ph.D. in Sociology, Monash University, is Professor of Sociology at Rikkyo University, Tokyo. He has published extensively on Migration Studies and Urban Ethnicity including Ibunkashakaitekio no riron [Theories on Cross-Cultural Adjustment] (Harvest, 1996) and Integration of Japanese Residents into Australian Society (Japanese Studies Centre, 1993).
All those interested in contemporary migration, urban ethnicities, Japanese cultural exchanges, as well as sociological concept of sojourner and settlers.
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