The Letter of Love and Concord

A Revised Diplomatic Edition with Historical and Textual Comments and English Translation

Author: Zara Pogossian
The “Letter of Love and Concord” is a unique source, which allows us a glimpse into the political and religious aspirations of the Armenian Cilician elite at the end of the twelfth century, alluding to its hopes and expectations from the Crusades and the Church of Rome, as well as its uneasy relationship with the Byzantine Empire. The “Letter” is especially valuable for the wealth of information it contains on the royal ideology nurtured within the highest circles of the ruling Rubenid dynasty. The study provides an analysis of the sources used by its anonymous author, placing them within a historical context. Moreover, this marks the first time that a text based on the study of surviving sixty nine manuscripts along with its English translation has been made available for scholars.

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Zaroui Pogossian, Ph.D. (2005) in Medieval Studies, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), teaches at the American University of Rome and the John Cabot University (Rome). She has published on early Armenian Christianity as well as the relationship between the Armenian Church and the Roman Church during the Crusades.
Acknowledgements ... ix
Introduction and Presentation of the Text ...1

Chapter One:The Historical and Religious Situation in Cilician Armenia in the Second Half of the Twelfth and Beginning of the Thirteenth Century ... 7
Chapter Two:The Textual Environment and the Sources of the Letter of Love and Concord... 47
ChapterThree: The Description and the Relationship of Manuscripts, Grammar, Language ...127

The Letter of Love and Concord (Armenian and English) ... 329

Appendix A:Misplaced Text-Blocks ... 419
Appendix B: Provinces of the Eastern Roman Empire Listed in TD 421
Appendix C: Glossary of Rare Loan-Words and Hapaxes ... 429
Appendix D: List ofMSS with the Text of TD ... 433

Bibliography ... 441
Index of Geographical Names and Ancient/Medieval Persons ... 465
All those interested in the history of the Cilician Armenian Kingdom, its royal and ecclesiololgical ideology, legends on King Trdat, Gregory the Illuminator, Constantine the Great and Pope Sylvester, and the history of the Armenians and the Crusades.