Revisiting al-Andalus

Perspectives on the Material Culture of Islamic Iberia and Beyond


Revisiting al-Andalus brings together a range of recent scholarship on the material culture of Islamic Iberia, highlighting especially the new directions that have developed in the Anglo-American branch of this field since the 1992 catalogue of the influential exhibition, Al-Andalus: the Art of Islamic Spain. Together with examples of recent Spanish scholarship on medieval architecture and urbanism, the volume’s contributors (historians of art and architecture, archaeologists, and architects) explore topics such as the relationship between Andalusi literature and art; architecture, urbanism, and court culture; domestic architecture; archaeology as a tool for analyzing economic and architectural history; cultural transfer between the Iberian Peninsula and the New World; 19th-century “rediscovery” of al-Andalus; and modern architectural and historiographical attempts to construct an Andalusi cultural identity.
Contributors include: Antonio Almagro, Glaire D. Anderson, Rebecca Bridgman, María Judith Feliciano, Kathryn Ferry, Pedro Jiménez, Julio Navarro, Camila Mileto, Antonio Orihuela, Jennifer Roberson, Cynthia Robinson, Mariam Rosser-Owen, Antonio Vallejo Triano, and Fernando Vegas.

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Glaire D. Anderson, Ph.D. (2005) in History, Theory & Criticism of Architecture, MIT, is Assistant Professor of Islamic Art History at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She is currently preparing a book on Córdoban Umayyad estates and court culture.

Mariam Rosser-Owen (D.Phil., University of Oxford, 2004) is Curator, Middle East, at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Her research interests focus on artistic patronage in the Islamic West, and she is preparing a book on the V&A’s collections of Islamic arts from Spain.
“Es de agradecer… que en el libro se intenten abordar los temas con puntos de vista renovados. Los artículos proponen nuevos enfoques… y algunos lo hacen desde atractivas aproximaciones pluridisciplinares que abren perspectivas inéditas en el estudio de la cultura material de al-Andalus.”
Susana Calvo Capilla, Al-Qantara XXX/1 (January-June 2009), pp. 274-9
“Revisiting al-Andalus marque cependant une inflexion d’importance par rapport à son illustre devancier… Les ouvelles perspectives ici ménagées font la part belle à la réflexion archéologique et à l’étude de la culture matérielle... des bonnes surprises contenues dans Revisiting al-Andalus... Destiné avant tout à un public anglo-saxon, l’ouvrage remplit bien son rôle de «produit d’appel» à de nouvelles investigations portant sur al-Andalus. ...Formons l’espoir que Revisiting al-Andalus suscite, en la matière, de nouvelles vocations dans le champ académique anglais et américain, et permette aux remarquables travaux des collègues espagnols et portugais (et plus largement européens) de connaître enfin l’audience et la reconnaissance qu’ils méritent.”
Jean-Pierre van Staëvel, Bulletin Critique des Annales Islamologiques (BCAI) 24 (2008), pp. 153-5
List of Illustrations . vii
Contributors . xv

Introduction . xvii
Glaire D. Anderson and Mariam Rosser-Owen

Part I
1. Architecture and Urbanism in Umayyad Córdoba Madīnat al-Zahrā: Transformation of a Caliphal City .. 3
Antonio Vallejo Triano
2. The Dwellings of Madīnat al-Zahrā: a Methodological Approach . 27
Antonio Almagro
3. Villa (munya) Architecture in Umayyad Córdoba: Preliminary Considerations .. 53
Glaire D. Anderson

Part II
4. Reading the Regency: Poems in Stone: the Iconography of Āmirid Poetry, and Its ‘Petrifi cation’ on Āmirid Marbles .. 83
Mariam Rosser-Owen
5. Love in the Time of Fitna: ‘Courtliness’ and the ‘Pamplona’ Casket . 99
Cynthia Robinson

Part III
6. Uncovering Almohad Iberia: Evolution of the Andalusi Urban Landscape: from the Dispersed to the Saturated Medina .. 115
Julio Navarro and Pedro Jiménez
7. Re-Examining Almohad Economies in South-western al-Andalus through Petrological Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics . 143
Rebecca Bridgman

Part IV
8. Conquest and Colonisers: al-Andalus and Beyond in the Sixteenth Century The Andalusi House in Granada (Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries) . 169
Antonio Orihuela
9. Understanding Architectural Change at the Alhambra: Stratigraphic Analysis of the Western Gallery, Court of the Myrtles . 193
Camilla Mileto and Fernando Vegas
10. Sixteenth-Century Viceregal Ceramics and the Creation of a Mudéjar Myth in New Spain . 207
María Judith Feliciano

Part V
11. Myth and Modernity: Constructions of al-Andalus Owen Jones and the Alhambra Court at the Crystal Palace .. 225
Kathryn Ferry
12. Visions of al-Andalus in Twentieth-Century Spanish Mosque Architecture .. 245
Jennifer Roberson

Bibliography . 269
Index .
All those interested in the cultural and material history of medieval and contemporary Iberia, the New World, and the history of Islamic art and architecture, as well as medievalists and Islamicists.