The Lower Stratum Families in the Neo-Assyrian Period


This pioneering study wrestles with the perpetual problem of the structure of the Neo-Asssyrian society. Part I of this volume surveys all 446 Lower Stratum families in the period under review (800-600 B.C.), mentioned in 177 texts, mainly legal transactions, administrative records, court decisions, and letters. It also examines the terminology, the formulation of the texts, and the status of these families. Part II of this volume considers socio-economic and demographic issues, including family types, family size, marriage patterns, childless families, single-parent families, and more.
It is the most important and the most responsible study of the lower stratum of Neo-Assyrian society proposed to date, and it will be the point of departure of every study of this field in the future.
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Biographical Note

Gershon Galil, Ph.D. (1983), Hebrew University, Jersualem, is Associate Professor and former Chair of the Jewish History Department at the University of Haifa. He has published extensively on Biblical and ancient Near Eastern literature including The Chronology of the Kings of Israel and Judah (Brill, 1996).

Table of contents

Chapter One The Sources
Chapter Two A Survey of the Lower Stratum Families
Chapter Three The Terminology, the Formulation of the Texts, and the Status of the People
Chapter Four Family Types
Chapter Five Family Size
Chapter Six Marriage Patterns
Chapter Seven Childless Families
Chapter Eight Children’s Age
Chapter Nine Single-Parent Families
Chapter Ten Numerical Proportions among Family Members
Chapter Eleven The Number of Generations in the Family
Bibliographical Abbreviations
I. Index of Sources
II. Index of Names
III. Index of Terms
IV. Index of Subjects


All those interested in social history, the history of the ancient Near East, the history of the Assyrian Empire, the history of Ancient Israel, as well as anthropologists, and Bible scholars.


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