The Idea of Creativity


Seventeen philosophers, scientists and artists consider questions about the intriguing idea of creativity: Is creativity essentially mysterious? Is creativity essentially inspirational or rationalistic? What role does skill play in creativity? What are the criteria of creativity? Should we assign logical priority to creative persons, creative processes, or creative products? How do forms of creativity relate to different domains of human activity? How does creativity relate to self-transformation? How does our knowledge of the circumstances of creativity effect our appreciation of its products? Can a recipient of a creative work also be a creator of it?

Contributors include: Margaret Boden, Larry Briskman, John M. Carvalho, David Davies, Berys Gaut,Rom Harré, Carl R. Hausman, Albert Hofstadter, Arthur Koestler, Michael Krausz, Peter Lamarque, Thomas Leddy, Paisley Livingston, Michael Polany, Dean Keith Simonton, and Francis Sparshott.

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Michael Krausz (Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1969) is the Milton C. Nahm Professor of Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College. He is author of Rightness and Reasons; Varieties of Relativism (with Rom Harré), Limits of Rightness; and Interpretation and Transformation.

Denis Dutton is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Publications include The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Natural Selection. He edits the Journal Philosophy and Literature and Arts & Letters Daily.

Karen Bardsley, PhD (McGill, 2004) Currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Morehead State University. Her research interests include philosophy of film, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and ethics. In ethics, she has written on the rationality of feelings of gratitude toward nature.
Introduction, Michael Krausz

Part One. Explaining Creativity: Persons, Processes, and Products

1. Criteria of Creativity, Carl R. Hausman
2. Creative Product and Creative Process in Science and Art, Larry Briskman
3. The Rationality of Creativity, I. C. Jarvie
4. Creativity as a Darwinian Phenomenon: The Blind-Variation and Selective-Retention Model, Dean Keith Simonton
5. Creativity and Skill, Berys Gaut
6. On Bringing a Work into Existence, Peter Lamarque

Part Two. Creativity, Imagination, and Self

7. Poincaré’s ‘Delicate Sieve’: On Creativity and Constraints in the Arts, Paisley Livingston
8. The Creative Imagination, Michael Polanyi
9. Every Horse has a Mouth: A Personal Poetics, F. E. Sparshott
10. Creativity and Self-Transformation, Michael Krausz
11. On the Dialectical Phenomenology of Creativity, Albert Hofstadter
12. The Artistic Relevance of Creativity, David Davies

Part Three. Forms and Domains of Creativity

13. Creativity: How Does it Work?, Margaret Boden
14. The Three Domains of Creativity, Arthur Koestler
15. Creativity in Science, Rom Harré
16. Creative Interpretation of Literary Texts, Thomas Leddy
17. Creativity in Philosophy and the Arts, John M. Carvalho

This volume will interest philosophical students and professionals in the arts and sciences. It is a valuable resource for course work and research purposes.
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