Love, Hatred, and Other Passions

Questions and Themes on Emotions in Chinese Civilization

This volume aims at starting a debate on functions, role and relevance of states of mind in Chinese History and civilization. It focuses on an anthropological aspect of human experience, the affective world, as it is represented and evaluated in the various sources. A number of well-known specialists, ranging from the philosophical basic concepts to some fundamental questions about terminology, analyze literary, historical and judicial materials: this collection of essays presents different opinions, experiences and perspectives on the understanding of emotional and mental states in Chinese civilization, as well as about the difficulties met on the topic. A fascinating and useful reading for all those who are interested in humanities and in the history of mentality.


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Biographical Note

Paolo Santangelo is Professor of History of China at the Università “L’Orientale” of Naples. He has published extensively on the social and anthropological history of pre-modern and modern China, including Sentimental Education in Chinese History. An Interdisciplinary Textual Research on Ming and Qing Sources (Brill, 2003) and is editor of the journal Ming Qing Yanjiu. Donatella Guida, Ph.D. (1997) in History of China, Università “L’Orientale” of Naples, is Lecturer at the Department of Asian Studies of the same University and Deputy Editor of the journal Ming Qing yanjiu. She has published several essays on Southeast Asia as seen in Chinese late imperial sources, and is currently working on the textual analysis of emotional terms in the novel Rulin Waishi.


All those interested in Chinese intellectual history, psychology, ethics, linguistics, philology, philosophy, poetry and modern literature.