Russia, Europe, and the Rule of Law


During the last two decades Russia has gone through a process of radical political and socio-economic transformation. The legal system has reflected the various stages of this process and has also been a major agent in moving it forward. The country is at a crossroads now. External observers are sharply divided in evaluating the performance and intentions of the Russian leadership. Russia itself is involved in finding out where it stands. What sort of federation does it want to be? How will it define its relationship to Europe and to its former sister republics? The answers to such questions fundamentally affect the future shape of Russian law. At the same time, existing legal structures may predetermine the course Russia will take.


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Biographical Note

Ferdinand Feldbrugge is Professor Emeritus for East European Law at Leiden University. From 1973 to 1998 he was director of the Institute of East European Law and Russian Studies and the editor of the Law in Eastern Europe series, and Review of Central and East European Law. He served as Special Advisor Soviet and East European Affairs ("Sovietologist-in-Residence") to the Secretary-General of NATO from 1987 to 1989 and as President of the International Council for Central and East European Studies from 1995 to 2000.

Table of contents

The Procuracy, Putin, and the Rule of Law in Russia Gordon B. Smith
Law, Citizenship, and Rights of Non-Russian Nationalities, Past and Present Susan Heuman
Interpretation and Accommodation in the Russian Constitutional Court Anders Fogelklou
“Tinkering with Tenure”: The Russian Constitutional Court in a Comparative Perspective Alexei Trochev
Informal Practices in Russian Justice: Probing the Limits of Post-Soviet Reform Peter H. Solomon, Jr.
Judicial Review of Governmental Actions: A Tool for Russian NGOs? Anna Jonsso
Lay Judges in Rostov Province Stefan Machura and Olga Litvinova
The International Effect of Judicial Decisions and Notarial Instruments Vladimir V. Yarkov
EU Rules on Judicial Cooperation with Russia and Ukraine in Civil and Commercial Matters Alexander Trunk
Eugene Schuyler and the Bulgarian Constitution of 1876 Patricia Herlihy
The Role of the European Union in Rebuilding Serbia as a Rechtsstaat Ljubica Djordjević
The Rule of Law in Russia in a European Context Ferdinand Feldbrugge


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