Viewing Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology

VeHinnei Rachel – Essays in Honor of Rachel Hachlili


In honor of eminent archaeologist and historian of ancient Jewish art, Rachel Hachlili, friends and colleagues offer contributions in this festschrift which span the world of ancient Judaism both in Palestine and the Diaspora. Hachlili's distinctive research interests: synagogues, burial sites, and Jewish iconography receive particular attention in the volume. Archaeologists and historians present new material evidence from Galilee, Jerusalem, and Transjordan, contributing to the honoree’s fields of scholarly study. Fresh analyses of ancient Jewish art, essays on architecture, historical geography, and research history complete the volume and make it an enticing kaleidoscope of the vibrant field of scholarship that owes so much to Rachel.

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Ann E. Killebrew, PhD in archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is an Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Jewish Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. She has directed numerous archaeological projects, most recently at Tel Akko. Her publications include books and articles on the archaeology and cultural heritage of the Levant.

Gabriele Faßbeck, doctoral degree in New Testament studies from the University of Heidelberg, teaches online courses for the Religious Studies Department, University of Alabama. Her research interests include texts and the material culture of Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity.
Table of Contents
Preface: Ann E. Killebrew, Gabriele Faßbeck and Steven Fine, Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology: The Contribution of Rachel Hachlili

1. Mordechai Aviam, Two Groups of Non-Figurative Jewish Sarcophagi from Galilee
2. Gideon Avni and Boaz Zissu, The “Tomb of the Prophets” on the Mount of Olives: A Re-Examination
3. John W. Betlyon and Ann E. Killebrew, A Fourth-Century CE Coin Hoard from the Qaṣrin Village
4. Estēe Dvorjetski, Public Health in Ancient Palestine: Historical and Archaeological Aspects of Lavatories
5. Gabriele Faßbeck, “The Longer, the More Happiness I Derive from This Undertaking”: James Simon and Early German Research into Galilee’s Ancient Synagogues
6. Steven Fine, The Open Torah Ark: A Regional Iconographic Type in Late Antique Rome and Sardis
7. Zvi Gal, Tamra: A Late Byzantine–Early Islamic Village in the Eastern Lower Galilee
8. Rivka Gersht and Peter Gendelman, The Amphora and the Krater in Ancient Jewish Art in the Land of Israel
9. Malka Hershkovitz, Local Jewish Oil Lamps of the Second to First Centuries BCE
10. Amos Kloner and Sherry Whetstone, A Burial Complex and Ossuaries of the Second Temple Period on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
11. Nikos Kokkinos, An Approach to Herodian Peraea
12. Eric C. Lapp, A Jewish Oil Lamp Unearthed at the Red Sea Port of Roman Aila (Aqaba, Jordan)
13. Lee I. Levine, Israelite Art in Context
14. Gabriel Mazor, Imperial Cult in the Decapolis: Nysa-Scythopolis as a Test Case
15. Carol L. Meyers and Eric M. Meyers, Images and Identity: Menorah Representations at Sepphoris
16. David Milson, Some Observations on the “Bema” Platforms in the Ancient Synagogues of Beth Alpha, Chorazin, and Susiya
17. Ronny Reich, Some Notes of the Miqva’ot and Cisterns at Qumran
18. Arthur Segal, Rome, Jerusalem, and the Colosseum
Specialists, students and scholars alike, with an interest in the history, art and archaeology of Second Temple Judaism in the Mediterranean generally, and the Land of Israel more specifically.
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