Brill's Companion to Callimachus


Few figures from Greco-Roman antiquity have undergone as much reassessment in recent decades as Callimachus of Cyrene, who was active at the Alexandrian court of the Ptolemies during the early third century BC. Once perceived as a supreme example of ivory tower detachment and abstruse learning, Callimachus has now come to be understood as an artificer of the images of a powerful and vibrant court and as a poet second only to Homer in his later reception.
For the modern audience, the fragmentation of his texts and the diffusion of source materials has often impeded understanding his poetic achievement. Brill’s Companion to Callimachus has been designed to aid in negotiating this scholarly terrain, especially the process of editing and collecting his fragments, to illuminate his intellectual and social contexts, and to indicate the current directions that his scholarship is taking.

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Pages: 1–19
Poet and Court
Pages: 225–244
Pages: 587–601
Benjamin Acosta-Hughes is professor of Greek and Latin at the Ohio State University. He has published extensively on Hellenistic poetry, most recently Arion’s Lyre. Archaic Lyric into Hellenistic Poetry (Princeton, 2010).

Luigi Lehnus is professor of Classical Philology at the Università Statale di Milano. A scholar of Archaic lyric, Hellenistic poetry and Roman poetry, he is the editor of the forthcoming Teubner edition of Callimachus’ fragments.

Susan Stephens is Sara Hart Kimball Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Classics at Stanford University. She is the author of Seeing Double: Intercultural Poetics in Ptolemaic Alexandria (Berkeley 2003).

Contributors include: Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Marcus Asper, Silvia Barbantani, Alessandro Barchiesi, Giovanni Benedetto, Mario Citroni, Adele- Teresa Cozzoli, Christophe Cusset, Claudio De Stefani, Yannick Durbec, Maria-Rosaria Falivene, Marco Fantuzzi, Annette Harder, Richard Hunter, Nita Krevans, Luigi Lehnus, Emanuele Lelli, Enrico Magnelli, Giulio Massimilla, Andrew Morrison, Peter Parsons, Mark Payne, Ivana Petrovic, Filippomaria Pontani, Lucia Prauscello, Évelyne Prioux, Allen Romano, Ruth Scodel, Susan Stephens, Gregor Weber.
"[...]Acosta-Hughes, Lehnus, and Stephens have managed to assemble a collection of essays that not only advances Callimachean studies significantly, but, even more amazingly, is a delight to read from start to finish. I will be returning to all of these papers in the years ahead because one read does not suffice, given the detail, and because sometimes a μέγα βιβλίον can actually be a μέγα καλόν. James J. Clauss in BMCR, 30.05.2012

Introduction, Susan Stephens

I. The Material Author
1. Callimachus Rediscovered in Papyri, Luigi Lehnus
2. The Aetia through Papyri, Giulio Massimilla
3. Callimachus as Fragment, Annette Harder
4. The Diegeseis Papyrus: Archaeological Context, Format, and Contents, Maria Rosaria Falivene
5. Callimachus’ Traces: The First Modern Collectors, Filippomaria Pontani
6. Callimachus’ Philology, Nita Krevans
7. Callimachus and His Koinai, Peter Parsons

II. Social Contexts
8. Dimensions of Power: Callimachean Geopoetics and the Ptolemaic Empire, Markus Asper
9. Callimachus on Kings and Kingship, Silvia Barbantani
10. Callimachus’ Queens, Évelyne Prioux
11. Poet and Court, Gregor Weber
12. The Gods of Callimachus, Richard Hunter
13. Callimachus and Contemporary Religion: The Hymn to Apollo, Ivana Petrovic

III. Sources and Models
14. Digging Up the Musical Past: Callimachus and New Music, Lucia Prauscello
15. Callimachus and Contemporary Criticism, Allen J. Romano
16. Callimachus’ Muses, Andrew Morrison
17. Callimachus and the Atthidographers, Giovanni Benedetto
18. Callimachus and Fable, Ruth Scodel
19. Proverbs and Popular Sayings in Callimachus, Emanuele Lelli

IV. Personae
20. The Poet as a Child, Adele-Teresa Cozzoli
21. Speaking with Authority: Polyphony in Callimachus’s Hymns, Marco Fantuzzi
22. Other Poetic Voices in Callimachus, Christophe Cusset
23. Individual Figures in Callimachus, Yannick Durbec
24. Iambic Theatre: The Childhood of Callimachus Revisited, Mark Payne

V. Callimachus’ Afterlife
25. Roman Callimachus, Alessandro Barchiesi
26. Callimachus and Later Greek Poetry, Claudio De Stefani and Enrico Magnelli
27. Arte Allusiva: Pasquali and Onward, Mario Citroni

Epilogue, Benjamin Acosta-Hughes

Index Locorum
General Index
All those interested in Callimachus, in the afterlife of Callimachus, in Hellenistic poetry, in the history of selection and preservation of Greek texts and in literary papryology.
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