Petronius Rediuiuus et Helias Tripolanensis

id est Petronius Rediuiuus Quod Heliae Tripolanensis Uidetur Necnon Fragmenta (Alia) Heliae Tripolanensis


Elias of Thriplow, a village near Cambridge, was a schoolmaster in the thirteenth century. Apart from his complete Serium Senectutis, he wrote several works that have survived only as extracts, many of which are extensive. Elias seemingly wrote what has been called Petronius Rediuiuus, a collection of tales and of essays about knights, merchants, women, and farmers. This collection frequently reflects the influence of spicy Petronius, rarely read in the Middle Ages. Elias is important for his criticisms of medieval society, for the history of narrative literature, and for the history of English humanism.
This new book offers the first critical edition of all the extracts from Elias and publishes many of these for the first time, with commentary indicating sources for the ideas and language.

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Marvin L. Colker, Ph.D. (1951, Harvard University) and Litt.D. h.c. (1987, Trinity College Dublin), is Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Virginia. He has published about eighty papers and four books on medieval texts and manuscripts.

1. Survey of Recent Scholarship on Elias of Thriplow
2. Elias: Facts, Errors, and Conjectures
3. Summary of Petronius Rediuiuus
4. Resume of the Contents of Ringstede's Excerpts from Elias
5. Resume of the contents of Whethamstede's Extracts from Elias
6. Concordances
7. Summary of Elias's Semidials
8. Summary of Elias's Serium Senectutis
9. Elias's Attitudes
10. Literary Sources
11. Words and Styles
12. The De Planctu Naturae of Alan Lille as a Possible Influence
13. The Transmission of Petronius Rediuiuus
14. The Transmissions of Elias's Contra Nobilitation and De Vita Scolarium Atque Sua: The Extracts of Thomas Ringstede
15. The Transmissions of Elias's De Vita Scolarium Atque Sua: The Extracts of John Whethamstede
16. The Transmission of Elias's Semidiale: The Extracts of MAtthias Flacius Illyricus
17. My Edition
18. Acknowledgements

Abbreviations used in the Editor's Commentary
Petronius Rediuiuus, Quod Heliae Tripolanensis Videtur
Fragmenta Heliae Tripolanensis
Appendix: Additional Variants in Ringstede
Academic and major public libraries, students of classical and medieval literature, history of English literature, medieval history, history of the Church.