James of Viterbo: De regimine Christiano

A Critical Edition and Translation


Editor: Bob R.W. Dyson
James of Viterbo’s De regimine Christiano was produced at the height of the great conflict of 1296–1303 between Pope Boniface VIII and Philip the Fair of France. Echoing and elaborating Boniface’s Bull Unam sanctam, the treatise is a detailed and rigorous defence of the ‘hierocratic’ ideology of the thirteenth-century papacy in its most ambitious form. As such, it stands alongside the better-known De ecclesiastica potestate of Giles of Rome, by which it is to some extent influenced. De regimine Christiano is here presented in a new and complete critical edition, accompanied by an English translation and a detailed introduction. This edition will be of value to scholars and students of the history of political thought and international relations.

Brill's Texts and Sources in Intellectual History, vol. 6

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R.W. Dyson, MA, PhD, FRHist.S was educated at the University of Durham, where he taught in the Department of Politics until his retirement. He has published extensively on the history of political thought.

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Latin Text: De regimine Christiano
Prima pars: De regni ecclesiastici gloria
Secunda pars: In quo agitur de potentia Christi regis et sui uicarii
English Translation: On Christian Government
Part One: On the Glory of the Ecclesiastical Kingdom
Part Two: In which is discussed the power of Christ the king and of His vicar



All those interested in the political thought and controversy of the 'high' middle ages and the controversies of 1296-1303 between Pope Boniface VIII and Philip the Fair of France

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