Islamic Law and Legal System

Studies of Saudi Arabia


Based on years of research in Saudi Arabia, this volume investigates the legal system of Saudi Arabia both for its own sake and as a case-study of an Islamic legal system. As a study of Saudi Arabia, it is the first extensive treatment in English of the constitution and Islamic court system of Saudi Arabia. As a study of an existing legal system in continuity with past Islamic law and practice, it sheds new light on Islamic legal doctrine, practice, and institutions, correcting for past scholarly neglect of Islamic law's application.
The book develops a framework of concepts, rooted in both Islamic and western legal theory, useful for the comparative description and analysis of Islamic legal systems and applications, past and present.

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Frank E. Vogel, J.D. (1975), American University, Ph.D. (1993) in Islamic Law, Harvard University, is Assistant Professor at Harvard Law School. He has published extensively on Islamic legal theory and application, including Islamic Law and Finance (Kluwer, 1998).
'Cet étude [...] est remarquable par sa précision, sa clarté et l'érudition…'
Nahas M. Mahieddin, Studia Islamica, 2001.
' Einer der wichtigsten Aspekte dieses Buche ist, dass es Vogel gelingt, den viel zitierten Schleier zu lüften, welcher über dem islamischen Rechtssystem Saudi-Arabiens liegt.'
Sebastian Maisel, PAVO.
Students and scholars in Islamic studies (including law, religious sciences, history); comparative law, legal history, and legal anthropology; Middle Eastern law, history, and politics; sociology and anthropology; comparative religion.
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