The Prosecution and Defense of Peacekeepers under International Criminal Law


The Prosecution and Defense of Peacekeepers under International Criminal Law is the first comprehensive study on the international judicial implications of prosecution of international peacekeepers and members of military crisis operations under the principles of international criminal law and especially those of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Based on both domestic case law and that of the ICTY-ICTR, this study analyzes the foundation and application of international criminal liability concepts and defenses from the perspective of the prosecution and defense in the area of peacekeeping. This book assesses whether prosecution of international peacekeepers merits a distinct judicial position due to (UN) peacekeeping mandates as well as the concept of Rules of Engagement. Special attention is paid to the new era of international military crisis operations in terms of prosecution and defense of military servicemen involved in these operations.

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Biographical Note

Geert-Jan Knoops is an international criminal lawyer with Knoops & Partners, Amsterdam, and Professor of International Criminal Law at the University of Utrecht.

Table of contents

Table of Abbreviations; Table of Authorities; Table of Cases; Table of Treaties, Conventions and Other International Instruments; Abstract; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Chapter I - Introduction: Framework of Analysis; PART 1: Nature and Scope of International Peacekeeping; Chapter II; The Evolving International Criminal Law Context of International Peacekeeping Operations; PART 2: Substantive Criminal Law Issues; Chapter III; (International) Criminal Responsibility Sources for International Peacekeepers; Chapter IV; Fundamentals of International Criminal Responsibility as to International Peacekeepers. Chapter V; Circumstances Excluding Criminal Liability of International Peacekeepers; PART 3: Jurisdictional and Prosecutorial Issues; Chapter VI; (International) Criminal Jurisdiction to Prosecute International Peacekeepers; Chapter VII - Peacekeepers’ Prosecutorial Immunities Arising from International Criminal Law Instruments; Chapter VIII - Enhancing the Role of State or Institutional Responsibility for International Peacekeeping Operations; Chapter IX - Conclusions and Recommendations; Appendix Draft International Criminal Law Code of Conduct for International Peacekeepers; Biography; Index;