Peaceful Uses of International Rivers: The Euphrates and Tigris Rivers Dispute


This book by a renowned environmental lawyer and scholar proposes a regime scheme that is not only based soundly on existing treaties concerning access rights to fresh water, but also on the human rights of persons dependent on rivers and lakes for water and food.
Focusing on the Tigris-Euphrates basin, which is shared by Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, Professor Elver explores the transnational arrangements among these three countries for the allocation of river resources. The author clearly exposes the potential for conflict, and sets forth the role that international law can play in resolving such conflict and protecting the human rights of local populations.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

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A former Legal Director for the Ministry of Environment in Turkey and faculty member of the University of Ankara Law School, Hilal Elver is currently a lecturer at Rutgers University Law School.

Acknowledgments; Foreword; Introduction; Part One: From Past to Present;
Chapter I: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Fluvial Societies: Lessons to Be Learned.;
Chapter II: A Historical and Comparative Approach to Water Law Principles;
Chapter III: New Hydropolitics in the 21st Century; Part Two: Evolution of Water Principles in International Law; Chapter IV: Creation of Modern International Law
and International Watercourses in State Treaty Practices; Chapter V: From Customary Law to a Global Convention; Chapter VI: Judicial Efforts;
Chapter VII: The Innovative Approach: Converging Trends in International Law;
Part Three: The Anatomy of International River Disputes; Chapter VIII: The Middle East and Water Conflicts; Chapter IX: Water Conflict in the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers Basin; Conclusion; Annex.
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