The Lord's Supper in the New Testament


This work, the inaugural volume in a new SBL series devoted to preserving and promoting
seminal biblical scholarship from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, offers the first
English translation of Albert Eichhorn’s influential Das Abendmahl im Neuen Testament.
Eichhorn’s penetrating analysis of the Lord’s Supper traditions in this work exemplifies the
qualities for which he was so highly esteemed: the sure ability to distinguish layers of
tradition within the text, the full appreciation of the role of early Christian worship in shaping
the reports about Jesus’ life, the forthright acknowledgement of the difficulty of ascertaining
the original historical events, and the unflinching recognition of the influence of Near Eastern
and Hellenistic religions upon Christian tradition, even in its earliest stages. To set Eichhorn
himself in his historical and intellectual context, this volume also offers the first English
translation of Hugo Gressmann’s biographical essay: “Albert Eichhorn and the History of
Religion School.”

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Albert Eichhorn (1856–1926) was one of the founders of the history of religions approach during his years at the University of Göttingen.

Jeffrey F. Cayzer is Lecturer at Tabor College NSW in Sydney, Australia. He has previously translated Eberhard Jüngel’s Justification: The Heart of the Christian Faith (T&T Clark).
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