Basics of Multilateral Institutions and Organizations: Economics and Commerce

Identifying the relevant multilateral institutions and multinational organizations involved in particular aspects of international finance and trade often proves to be difficult. This book makes that process easy while providing valuable descriptions of and insights into those institutions and organizations. Chapter topics examine multilateral institutions and organizations:

• generally and their major umbrella organization—the United Nations;

• concerned with national currencies, national solvency, financial institutions and securities exchange, and international financial transactions and securities;

• promoting economic development;

• regulating international trade;

• dealing with international product and performance standards, standardized legal commercial rules, and common usages and documents through international conventions and treaties, the harmonization of national commercial laws, and accepted sectoral practices;

• protecting international intellectual property rights;

• managing international environmental, commodities, and natural resources matters;

• resolving international disputes; and

• involved with other international finance and trade matters.

No other book now in print covers this topic. None is likely to ever do so with such thoroughness and clarity.

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Biographical Note

G. Gregory Letterman has lived and practiced law in Asia, Australasia, Latin America, and Europe, as well as in the United States. He has had broad and extensive global experience in international commercial legal matters while working for the U.S. government, law firms, and corporations and teaching at law schools. He is the author of multivolume legal treatises on international commercial law and of books and articles on various aspects of international commercial law. He is the managing editor of a quarterly journal on international contract law.