Boundary Issues in Central Asia

Boundary Issues in Central Asia provides detailed answers to:

What was the legal framework within which the new states of Central Asia attained statehood?
How did the administrative divisions of the former Soviet Union evolve, almost over night, into inter-state frontiers, and on what legal basis?
Are Central Asian states content with the post-independence border arrangements?
What outstanding border issues with states adjacent to the former Soviet Central Asia were inherited by Central Asian states from the USSR, the predecessor state?
What became, in particular, of the perennial border disputes of the predecessor state with China?
What border issues with the latter have since been settled by Central Asian states and what issues are pending resolution?
as well as to a host of other boundary-related questions, such as the minority, self-determination and ethno-border issues, with significant bearings on the stability of the existing territorial arrangements, the legal regimes for the use of transboundary watercourses in the region, including the dispute over the legal status of the Caspian Sea with its vast hydrocarbon resources.

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