Theophrastus of Eresus, Commentary Volume 3.1: Sources on Physics (Texts 137-223)


Editor: Robert Sharples
This volume forms part of the large international Theophrastus project started by Brill in 1992 and edited by W.W. Fortenbaugh, R.W. Sharples and D. Gutas . Together with volumes comprising the texts and translations, the commentary volumes provide a new generation of classicists with an up-to-date collection of the fragments and testimonia relating to Theophrastus (c. 370-288/5 B.C), Aristotle's pupil and successor as head of the Lyceum.
In the present volume, the focus is on natural philosophy, apart from the study of living things. Topics covered include the principles of scientific enquiry, place, time, motion, the heavens, the sublunary world, meteorology and the study of materials.
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Biographical Note

R.W. Sharples, Ph.D. (1978) in Classics, University of Cambridge, is Professor of Classics and Head of the Department of Greek and Latin at University College London. He has published commentaries on works by Plato, Cicero, Alexander of Aphrodisias and Boethius, and numerous articles on ancient philosophy.

Review Quotes

' of the most important commentary volumes on Theophrastus.'
Han Baltussen, Journal of Hellenic Studies, 2000.
' These are extremely useful works of generous scholarship...'
George Boys-Stones, The Classical Review, 2001.


Classicists, historians of science and of philosophy, and all those interested in the transmission of ideas in antiquity.


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