European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 5 (2005/2006)


The European Yearbook of Minority Issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minority-majority relations in Europe. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management, international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in Europe.
Part I contains scholarly articles and, in 2005/6, features two special focus sections on The Concept of the Nation.
Part II reviews the implementation of minority legislation and international standards at the universal and regional levels as well as new developments in relation to them.
Apart from providing a unique annual overview of minority issues for both scholars and practitioners in this field, the Yearbook is an indispensable reference tool for libraries, research institutes as well as governments and international organisations.

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GENERAL EDITORS: Arie Bloed; Rainier Hofmann; Joseph Marko; James Mayall; John Packer; Marc Weller. MANAGING EDITORS: Emma Lantschner; Jonathan Wheatley. ASSISTANT EDITORS: Alice Engl; Vladislav Michalcik, Gabriel N. Toggenburg; Matthew Ward.
Foreword; Part I: Article; A. General Articles Section: Resistance to Immigrants and Asylum Seekers in the European Union Marcel Coenders, Marcel Lubbers and Peer Scheepers; Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship, Diversity and David Smallbone; Social Inclusion and Ethnic Minorities. Building an Integrated Society:
The United Kingdom Perspective Nick Johnson; The Latest Recommendations Endorsed by the HCNM on Ethnic Policing: A New Development in Relation to Minority Protection? Kristin Henrard; Complexities of Conflict Prevention and Resolution in the Post-Soviet Space: EU–US–Russian Security Dimensions Olga Kamenchuk; Sustainable Peace and Cooperation in Borderlands: The Danish–German Bonn–Copenhagen Declarations 1955–2005 Jørgen Kühl; B. Special Focus: The Concept of ‘Nation’: The Concept of ‘Nation’ Joseph Marko; Cultural Nation versus Civic Nation: Which Concept for the Future Europe? A Critical Analysis of the Parliamentary Assembly’s Recommendation 1735 (2006) on “The Concept of ‘Nation’” Bogdan Aurescu;
Deconstructing the ‘Nation’ for the 21st Century through a Critical Reading of the Parliamentary Assembly’s Recommendation 1735 (2006) Tove H. Malloy; C. Special Focus: The Balkan Region: The Balkan Minorities: Divided States, Peoples and Societies Dmitriy I. Polyvyannyy; Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ten Years After Dayton Dino Abazović; Constitutional Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2005-06 Joseph Marko; Independence without Standards? Kosovo’s Interethnic Relations
Since 1999 Joseph Marko; Serbia: Minorities in a Reluctant State Florian Bieber; Part II: Reports: A. International Developments: Frameworking: Review of the Monitoring Process of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Antti Korkeakivi; The Work of the Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (June 2005-June 2006) Vesna Crnić-Grotić; Highlights in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights Relevant to the Protection of Minorities (June 2005-June 2006) Viktor Soloveytchik; European Commission for Democracy through Law: Review of Recent
Reports and Opinions Relevant to the Protection of National Minorities Alain Chablais and Pierre Garrone; The Activities of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities
(July 2005-June 2006) Krzysztof Drzewicki and Vincent de Graaf; The Use of Minority Languages in the Broadcast Media Sally Holt and John Packer; The Minority Rights Activities of the UN Independent Expert on
Minority Issues, UN Working Group on Minorities, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (July 2005-June 2006) Graham Fox and Erik Friberg; B. National Developments: Positive Action and the Principle of Equality: Discussing a Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic Alexander Bröstl; What Has Happened to Our Model Child? The Creation and Evolution of the Hungarian Minority Act Balázs Majtényi;
Legal Status of National Minorities in Poland: The Act on National and Ethnic Minorities as well as Regional Language Agnieszka Malicka and Karina Zabielska; The New Act on Autonomy of Catalonia Eduardo J. Ruiz Vieytez; Minority Issues in Belgium: A Brief Overview of Recent Developments Wouter Pas; Whose Ukraine? Language and Regional Factors in the 2004 and 2006 Elections in Ukraine Kataryna Wolczuk; Appendix.