Jewish Leadership in Roman Palestine from 70 C.E. to 135 C.E.


Reconstructing Jewish socio-political leadership of the late Second Temple and Talmudic periods, this book suggests that the period between two great revolts is the best period to study leadership dynamics. Prior to the emergence of the rabbinic leadership, biblically modelled leadership was still a realistic option, often co-existing with non-biblical polity. It also attempts to reconstruct the Jewish socio-political leadership of this period by examining how consistently the ideas of leadership that were available before 70 C.E. were followed after 70 C.E.

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Junghwa Choi, DPhil (2007) in Philosophy, University of Oxford, is an adjunct Professor at the Busan Presbyterian University. He has published extensively on Jewish history and the Hebrew Bible.
1, Introduction
2.Jewish Ideals of Leadership
3.Models of Local Control within the Roman World
4.The Extent of the Realisation of Jewish Ideals of Leadership between 70 C.E. and 135 C.E.
5.Roman Control of Judaea from 70 To 135 C.E.
All interested in Jewish history of the late Second Temple and Talmudic periods, early Christianity, Classical Studies in Graeco-Roman period, and the Hebrew Bible
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