4QMMT: Reevaluating the Text, the Function and the Meaning of the Epilogue


This book focuses on the third section of one of the most important documents from the Qumran library, the epilogue of 4QMMT. It re-evaluates the textual basis for this section, and analyses how the epilogue functions as a part of the larger document. In addition to addressing the structure and genre of 4QMMT, this volume analyzes the use of Scripture in the epilogue in order to illuminate the theological agenda of the document's author/redactor. Although this book’s primary focus is on the epilogue, the results of this investigation shed light on 4QMMT as a whole.

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Hanne von Weissenberg, Ph.D. (2006) in Biblical Studies, University of Helsinki is Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the University of Helsinki, Department of Biblical Studies.
Scholars and research students of the Dead Sea Scrolls and late Second Temple Judaism.