Images of Medieval Sanctity

Essays in Honour of Gary Dickson


Assembled on the occasion of Gary Dickson's retirement from the University of Edinburgh following a distinguished career as an internationally acclaimed scholar of medieval social and religious history, this volume contains contributions by both established and newer scholars inspired by Dickson’s particular interests in medieval popular religion, including ‘religious enthusiasm’. Together, the essays comprise a comprehensive and rich investigation of the idea of sanctity and its many medieval manifestations across time (fifth through fifteenth centuries) and in different geographical locations (England, Scotland, France, Italy, the Low Countries). By approaching the theme of sanctity from multiple disciplinary perspectives, this highly original collection pushes forward current academic thinking about medieval hagiography, iconography, social history, women's studies, and architectural history.

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Debra Higgs Strickland, Ph.D. (1993) in Art History, Columbia University, is Deputy Director of the Glasgow Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Glasgow. Her major publications include Saracens, Demons, and Jews: Making Monsters in Medieval Art (Princeton, 2003).
Acknowledgements ... vii

Gary Dickson’s Bibliography, 1984–2007 .. ix

Introduction: Religious Enthusiasm and Charismatic Power in the Middle Ages ... xiii
André Vauchez

Making Saints
The Women Behind Their Saints: Dominican Women’s Promotion of the Cults of Their Religious Companions ... 5
Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner
Gender Trouble in Paradise: The Problem of the Liturgical Virgo .. 25
Felice Lifshitz
Locating Sanctity
Saint Triduana of Restalrig? Locating a Saint and Her Cult in Late Medieval Lothian and Beyond .. 45
Helen Brown
The Architectural Framework for the Cults of Saints: Some Scottish Examples ... 71
Richard Fawcett

Seeing Sanctity
The Holy and the Unholy: Analogies for the Numinous in Later Medieval Art ... 101
Debra Higgs Strickland
The Measure of the Virgin’s Foot ... 121
Michael Bury
Living Image of Pity: Mimetic Violence, Peace-Making and Salvifi c Spectacle in the Flagellant Processions of the Later Middle Ages .. 135
Mitchell B. Merback
Society and the Sacred Perceptions of Relics: Civic Religion in Late Medieval Bruges .. 185
Andrew Brown
Constructing Anglo-Saxon Sanctity: Tradition, Innovation and Saint Guthlac ... 207
Alaric Hal
List of Contributors .. 237
Index ... 239
Historians, art historians, theologians, literary critics, and all those interested in medieval saints, the cult of relics, hagiography, liturgy, the idea of holiness, gender studies, popular religion, and visual culture.
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