A Companion to Henry of Ghent


Henry of Ghent, who taught in the theology faculty in Paris from c. 1275 until his death in 1293, was an original, pivotal, and influential thinker. Henry’s theories on a wide range of theological and philosophical topics led to a transformation of scholastic thought in the years shortly after the death of Thomas Aquinas. The Companion to Henry of Ghent is an introduction to his thought. It first addresses the historical context of Henry: his writings, his participation in the events of 1277, and Muslim philosophical influences. The volume continues with an examination of his theology, metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. It concludes with an examination of two authors whom he influenced: John Duns Scotus and Pico della Mirandola.

Contributors include: Amos Edelheit, Juan Carlos Flores, Bernd Goehring, Ludwig Hödl, Tobias Hoffman, Jules Janssens, Marialucrezia Leone, Steven Marrone, Martin Pickavé, Roland Teske, SJ, Robert Wielockx, Gordon Wilson

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Note biographique

Gordon A. Wilson, Ph.D. (1975) in Philosophy, Tulane University, is Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He is currently the general coordinator of Leuven University’s series, Henrici de Gandavo Opera omnia and has edited multiple volumes in this series.

Review Quote

"A welcome contribution to medieval studies, particularly because there is to date no “companion” or sufficient “introductory work” dedicated to this important scholastic thinker."
John T. Slotemaker, Boston College. In: Religious Studies Review Vol. 37, No. 4 (December 2011), p. 287.

‘’Der Band ist als Einführung gedacht und diesen Zweck erfüllt er, in den behandelten Themen ist er absolut auf der Höhe des Forschungsstandes oder fasst diesen gewinnbringend zusammen’’
Henrik Wels Institut für Philosophie, Freie Universität Berlin. In: Sehepunkte, 12, (2012), Nr. 9.