Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 18


Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion (RSSSR) publishes reports of innovative studies that pertain empirically or theoretically to the scientific study of religion, including spirituality, regardless of their academic discipline or professional orientation. RSSSR is published annually with the kind support of Loyola College, Maryland, USA.

This volume of RSSSR contains several articles on spiritual development among adolescents, spiritual transcendence, Jung and pastoral counseling and spirituality and religiosity. In addition to this, a special section of nine articles is devoted to several aspects of positive psychology and its usage in practice.

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Ralph L. Piedmont is a Psychologist in the Department of Pastoral Counseling, Loyola College in Maryland, Columbia, USA. Currently, he is President of Division 36 (Psychology of Religion) of the American Psychological Association.

Openness and Spiritual Development in Adolescents. Brien S. Kelley, Aurelie M. Athan, and Lisa F. Miller

Jung: Mentor for Pastoral Counselors. William J. Sneck
The Relations Among Spirituality and Religiosity and Axis II Functioning in Two College Samples. Ralph L. Piedmont, Catherine J. Hassinger, Janelle Rhorer, Martin F. Sherman, Nancy C. Sherman, and Joseph E. G. Williams

Associations between Humility, Spiritual Transcendence, and Forgiveness. Christie Powers, Ruth K. Nam, Wade C. Rowatt, and Peter C. Hill


Introduction to Special Section on Positive Psychology. Joseph W. Ciarrocchi and Gina Yanni-Brelsford

The Vocation Identity Questionnaire: Measuring the Sense of Calling. Diane E. Dreher, Katherine A. Holloway, and Erin Schoenfelder

Spirituality and God-Attachment as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being for Seminarians and Nuns in India. Dudley Mendonca, K. Elizabeth Oakes, Joseph W. Ciarrocchi, William J. Sneck, and Kevin Gillespie

Child Abuse, Personality, and Spirituality as Predictors of Happiness in
Maltese College Students.
Michael Galea, Joseph W. Ciarrocchi, Ralph L. Piedmont, and
Robert J. Wicks
Spiritual Transcendence and Religious Practices in Recovery from Pathological Gambling: Reducing Pain or Enhancing Quality of Life? James M. Walsh, Joseph W. Ciarrocchi, Ralph Piedmont, and Deborah Haskins

Patience as a Virtue: Religious and Psychological Perspectives. Sarah A. Schnitker and Robert A. Emmons

Inward, Outward, Upward Prayers and Personal Character. Kevin L. Ladd, Meleah L. Ladd, Peter Ashbaugh, Danielle Trnka, Julie Harner, Kate St. Pierre, and Ted Swanson

Life Satisfaction and Spirituality in Adolescents. Brien S. Kelley and Lisa Miller

The Relationship Between Spirituality Assessed Through Self-transcendent Goal Strivings and Positive Psychological Attributes. Gary K. Leak, Kristina DeNeve, and Adam Gretemen

Researchers, scholars, teachers, religious leaders, and graduate and professional students in the social and behavioral sciences, religion, and theology who include attention to the scientific investigation of religion and spirituality.
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