Finnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 16 (2005)


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Despite its Finnish pedigree, the Finnish Yearbook of International Law does not restrict itself to purely 'Finnish' topics. On the contrary, it reflects the many connections in law between the national and the international. The Finnish Yearbook of International Law annually publishes articles of high quality dealing with all aspects of international law, including international law aspects of European law, with close attention to developments that affect Finland. It offers: longer articles of a theoretical nature; new avenues and approaches; shorter polemics; commentaries on current international law developments; book reviews; and documentation of relevance to Finland's foreign relations not easily available elsewhere. The Finnish Yearbook offers a fertile ground for the expression of and reflection on the connections between Finnish law and international law as a whole and insight into the richness of this interaction.

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Symposium (edited by Rain Liivoja): Symposium on the National Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court;
Foreword; Mattias Goldmann: Implementing the Rome Statute in Europe: From Sovereign Distinction to Convergence in International Criminal Law; Mirela Shuteriqi: Implementation of the Rome Statute in Albania;
Magdalena Forowicz: Implementation of the Rome Statute in Belgium; Rain Liivoja, René Värk, Merri Kastemäe: Implementation of the Rome Statute in Estonia; Jussi Ohisalo:
Implementation of the Rome Statute in Finland;
Martin Hess, Nandor Knust, Christine Schuon: Implementation of the Rome Statute in Germany; Paola Sacchi, Silvia Borelli:
Implementation of the Rome Statute in Italy;
Sergey Vasiliev, Anna Ogodorova:
Implementation of the Rome Statute in Russia;
Simon P. Olleson, Matthew R. Brubacher:
Implementation of the Rome Statute in the United Kingdom; Articles: Tobias Bräutigam: Comparative Law and the U.S. Supreme Court: Roper v. Simmons and the Quest for Theory;
Linda Johanna Friman: War and Peace in Outer Space: A Review of the Legality of the Weaponization of Outer Space in the Light of the Prohibition on Non-Peaceful Purposes; Jan Klabbers: Reflections on Soft International Law in a Privatized World; James O’Connor: U.S. Neoconservatism and the Rule of Radical Occasionalism - Carl Schmitt’s War on Terror?; Aurel Sari: The Danish Cartoon Row: Re-Drawing the Limits of the Right to Freedom of Expression?; Book Reviews & Review Articles: Jack L. Goldsmith, Eric A. Posner, The Limits of International Law (Jan Klabbers); Deborah Z. Cass, The Constitutionalization of the World Trade Organization. Legitimacy, Democracy, and Community in the International Trading System (Kati Kulovesi); China Miéville: Between Equal Rights: A Marxist Theory of International Law (Anne Ordford); María José Falcón y Tella (ed.), Anuario Derechos Humanos. Nueva Época vols 3 and 4 (Mónica García-Salmones).
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