American Sociology of Religion



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This is a collection of histories of various aspects of American sociology of religion. The contributions range from descriptions of early dissertations, accounts of changes in theoretical conceptualization, the evolution of studies of particular denominations, to the rise of new areas of inquiry such as globalization, feminism, new religions, and the study of the religious traditions of Latino/a Americans. Taken as a whole, the volume complements rather than duplicates commemorative issues of the relevant journals, which focused on the scholarly organizations in the field. It represents a first effort to develop an organized treatment of the fascinating history of the specialty in the U.S.A.

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Anthony J. Blasi, Ph.D. (1974), sociology, University of Notre Dame, is Professor of Sociology, Tennessee State University. Recent books include Diverse Histories of American Sociology (ed.) and A History of Sociological Research and Teaching at Catholic Notre Dame University (co-author).
Research libraries, sociologists of religion, intellectual historians, scholars in American religions.
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