Future Matters

Action, Knowledge, Ethics


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Future Matters concerns contemporary approaches to the future – how the future is known, created and minded. In a social world whose pace continues to accelerate the future becomes an increasingly difficult terrain. While the focus of social life is narrowing down to the present, the futures we create on a daily basis cast ever longer shadows. Future Matters addresses this paradox and its deep ethical implications. It locates contemporary approaches to the future in a wider sociological and historical framework of practices, traces differences and continuities, and shows how contemporary practices of futures-construction make taking responsibility for futures all but impossible.

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Barbara Adam (PhD) is Professor of Sociology and Cardiff University. She has published extensively, e.g. ‘Time’ (Polity, 2004). Since 2003 she holds an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council, UK) Professorial Fellowship to research the social future, which involves study of how we create and know the future, on the one hand, and how we take responsibility for it, on the other.
Chris Groves (PhD Philosophy, University of Warwick, 2000) is Research Associate, ESRC Professorial Fellowship In Pursuit of the Future, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.
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